How can I getting rid of using my right arm to push the ball when golf? I want to swing with my left arm only?

JN asked:

When I practice the swing with my club without hitting the ball, I can use my left arm to swing beatifully. But when I really hit the ball, my right arm always takes over the swing to push the ball, I either slice it or out-side in to get a hook. People told me it is mental issue. I am trying so hard to correct it but always failed. Any clue?

8 thoughts on “How can I getting rid of using my right arm to push the ball when golf? I want to swing with my left arm only?”

  1. One way is to lessen your right hand grip pressure…this will stop the tendency to let the right hand take over the swing.


  2. Check the manner with which you grip the club. Golf was not meant to be a one-armed game so a grip correction may be all that is required.The proper person to ask would be a teaching pro or the professional in the sports shop or the country club . Basic lessons often help in developing the swing which is suited to your stature, your swing speed, your manner of address and physical attributes. This would be the place to start.


  3. Hi I am thinking that your right arm is the strong one that is where the problem begins . to correct this fault think back to what you would do if you threw a ball but did not turn the hand over through the throw you would throw the ball right [for right hand er] in golf it would be called a push. So to correct your fault first check your grip pressure [ As tight as you would hold a egg without cracking it] this grip pressure has to be constant through the whole swing then you will be able to release your hands through the ball. This is why pro golfers swing easy and hit it miles the speed is generated by a tension free swing and thus only the club head is moving fast.
    not like amateurs whose body’s move fast and club head slow. checkout my website


  4. try feeling the grip pressure with the last 2 fingers in the right hand (pinky and ring finger) . and think PULL during the down swing .


  5. GO SEE A TEACHING GOLF PROFESSIONAL…IF YOU LISTEN TO EVERY GOLFER THAT HAS EVER PICKED UP A CLUB….YOU’LL HEAR MORE ABOUT CORRECTIVE SUGGESTIONS THAT WILL ONLY ADD TO THE CONFUSION AND ADD TO YOUR PROBLEMS!!! It’s all done in good faith…but one golfer’s problems may not be the same as another golfer…so see the golf professional. Well worth your time. And, how many golfers that you watch on the golf course..or on tv…only hit with their left arm..??? Your right hand is the power in the hitting area!!


  6. you could change to the “Vardon” grip. wrap your right pinky over the knuckes of your index and middle left hand fingers. it makes your hands feel more connected. also makes sure you keep your left arm straight and feel like the club is an extention of your left hand.


  7. Ease up on your grip. Also, you might want to check out some of the technique videos at the site in the source. It’s a good resource for questions like this. Good luck!


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