In golf, what part or parts of the swing can cause a slice and how can this problem be corrected?

fishermanatedogg asked:

I wanna try to avoid taking lessons

7 thoughts on “In golf, what part or parts of the swing can cause a slice and how can this problem be corrected?”

  1. check your grip as well. have someone look at your grip. you should be only olding the club firm with your middle, ring and pinkey on your left hand (assuming you’re right handed)


  2. in your practice swings watch how the club goes thru the ball striking area. if you are turning your wrists back and the club face is not hitting the ball area stright on you will slice.

    keep your hands and wrists still. at first you may not be able to give that monster drive because when you work on the technique you shouldn’t go all the way back and not swing your hardest.

    go thru the motions time and time again. hands and wrist still swing easily. get it right a few times out…then increase power


  3. l. DON’T avoid taking lessons. You’ll enjoy the game so much more if you know what you’re trying to correct. But to answer your question. (Probably won’t help you much)

    l. An open clubhead will result in a slice for obvious reasons. (think about it) Cure: turn your wrists over at the striking of the ball (actually 12-24 inches before you strike the ball. ie. close the clubface

    2. The second possible reason for a slice is the infamous “over-the-top swing. That occurs when your right elbow (assuming you are right handed) sticks far away from your body on the backswing resulting in your clubhead approaching the ball on your downswing from “outside in”. This results in the clubhead striking across the ball instead of squarely. This puts a spin on the ball. The spin (think about it) is clockwise (left to right) and this results in a banana slice.

    The cure for this is to keep your right elbow tucked into your side (or as close as you can) during your entire swing.
    In other words you will then be executing an “inside-out” swing. Take lessons.


  4. The slice in golf is mainly caused by 2 things:

    1. An open clubface at impact.

    2. An outside swing.

    The best way to correct the swing is of course lessons, but here are a few tips:

    Rotate your left hand on the club until your palm is facing straight down on the grip. That will not let you get as much hand rotation during the swing.

    Use a swing trainer like the inside approach. It will help your swing get on the correct plane and hopefully straighten you out. I’ve seen it at Target for only $20.


  5. lessons help a lot

    but if you slice the ball what you could be doing is lining your feet up to the left and/or lining your shoulders up to the left causing the ball to slice

    another thing you can do is take a swing that is lower and more to the ground rather then picking up the club

    another easy way to help it go straight is to aim right

    another thing u can do is to when you just hit the ball you keep your arms slightly straight and follow wher you want to hit the ball (if that makes any sense)

    but GOOD LUCK!


  6. Slicing can be caused by not rotating the club on contact, having too little space between your hands and your body, picking your head up, holding the club in a way thats not flat against the ground.

    What you can do is:

    1. Make sure you open and close the club head during your swing.

    2. Make sure you have enough space b/w your grip and body for one of your hands to swing through it. (with your driver and woods holding your hand higher/farther helps)

    3. Make sure when you grip, your thumbs are lined up with the words on your shaft, the’re in the place they’re in for a reaon.


    Good luck to your game, and i hope this helped.


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