Can someone help me with my golf swing?

Trey asked:

I hit everything fine but when i pull out my driver i know that it is going to slice almost everytime. One of my friends says that i am hitting down on the golf ball. Could this be why i am slicing it so much??? If you can please help thanks

4 thoughts on “Can someone help me with my golf swing?”

  1. A few tips:
    1. close the clubface a little bit when you set up.
    2. drag your back foot back slightly to come across the ball better.
    3. have a swing that starts inside and goes out rather than outside to in.
    4. turn your right hand a little when striking the ball

    i’m not saying do all of these at the same time, but see what works and in what combinations. eventually you will find the right swing and you wont have a huge slice. good luck.


  2. slice is caused by sidespin of the ball. the less loft your club has, the more pronounced the effect of sidespin. accordingly, you may be imparting sidespin on all shots but it is only having a noticeable impact with your driver as that club has the least loft.

    EDIT: Unkoolaid: won’t an in-to-out swing path encourage a slice? wouldn’t an out-to-in path be better to fight a slice?


  3. I’m not great with the technicalities of the swing. But what i do know is that golf is a mental game too. If you step up to the ball with driver in hand and all you can think is that you are going to slice it. You are probably going to slice it. Take the club away low and slow, then start the swing with your hips first. Don’t lunge your upper body at the ball first. And by the way, an in-to-out swing path is best to correct a slice.

    Good luck with it!!


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