What are the bumps on the back of my head and neck?

Patricia G asked:

the bumps come and go. i have two right now, that Ive had for about two months it looks kind of like a knuckle and is about the size of half of a golf ball it can be very painful. The first one i got was in the eight grade i’m a senior in high school now. Can it be cancerous?

5 thoughts on “What are the bumps on the back of my head and neck?”

  1. It might be a boil or a wart.
    I would get it checked out, if its a boil, they will have to pop it. If its a wart, they will give you medication stuff.


  2. I would most likely say no, it is not cancerous, unless it is a strange color or has ragged edges, in which case go to your doctor fairly quickly. It could also be a sebaceous cyst which happens when the sebum (oil) in your skin gets clogged up and festers, creating sort of a cheesy looking substance when squeezed, and it smells TERRIBLE. These type of cysts are fairly common on the head and neck, those places being a typical site of oil overproduction. If they are painful and bothering you, see your doctor, don’t sit around wondering if you have cancer 😛 .


  3. Most likely an ingrown hair. If you can get the hair out of the center it should go away quickly. If you can’t get the hair out soak a cottonball in rubbing alcohol and hold it on the lump a few times a day until it goes away.


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