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Bobby Jones’s Records

Bobby Jones is immortalized not only for his still–unequaled string of accomplishments, but also for the sportsmanship, humility and gentlemanliness he demonstrated both in victory and in defeat.

From 1923 to 1930 Bobby Jones captured an amazing 62 percent of the national championships he entered, winning 13 of 21 tournaments. He won five of eight U.S. Amateur Championships, and finished second in another. He won one of the two British Amateurs he played in. In eleven of the last twelve open championships he entered, he finished no worse than second, winning seven times. In 1926, Jones became the first player ever to capture the “Double,” winning the U.S. and British Open Championships in the same year. In 1930, he accomplished the Grand Slam, winning the British Amateur, British Open, U.S. Open, and U.S. Amateur all in the same year

In thirteen U.S. Amateurs, Jones played 51 matches, with 43 wins and 8 losses. Ten of these matches went to the final hole. Of those ten, Jones won six. In these 51 matches, Jones played 37 different men, 10 of them more than once. He never lost to the same man twice. He won three of four matches from Francis Ouimet; two of three from George Von Elm and Robert Gardner; two each from Frank Dyer, Rudolf Knepper, Clarence Wolff, William Reekie, Chick Evans and Gene Homans; and divided two with Jess Sweetser.

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