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25 thoughts on “Tiger Woods – Famous Masters Chip in”

  1. I don’t know if that was the greatest shot ever but there is no doubt that your looking at the greatest golfer ever!


  2. I think we are supposed to take thims891’s posting as a joke or he is making a serious and intelligent point that you have to work hard to get great.


  3. Why would you post that? It’s the single stupidest thing I’ve ever read about golf or anything for that matter.


  4. Well, it always depend on what gold course it’s made, also, when you play in the PGA tour, there a big factor influencing your game, THE STRESS of competition and of millions of people.

    It Can be Good stress that make u play better, or bad stress that causes desasters. lol


  5. the best is to listen to the announcers before hand, ” There’s a good chance that he doesn’t get this inside the marker’s hole”

    also, a few comments back, your rediculous. tiger woods will be crowned as the greatest golfer of all time in at least 5 years!


  6. Tiger Woods sucks. I had the chance to play Sawgrass with him one hot summer day and he was spraying balls off all over the place; he looked horrible off the tee, his short game was nothing short of a disaster and to top it all off he was in bad shape and could barely walk from hole to hole. I don’t see what all the hype is about this guy; he’s definetely got potential, but as for now he’s just got to keep on working on his game and hope that a relevent win is on the horizon. Tks for posting!


  7. the best score in golf is 59 1 woman, 4 men have done it… however if the woman’s shot hadnt slipped out of the cup, she wouldve gotten a 58!


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