What can I put on my golf cart battery cables to prevent corrosion?

Chad S asked:

The battery cables in my golf cart are becoming corroded and I’m not sure why (I’m not exactly the mechanical type). Anyway, what can I spray or put on these cables to prevent the corrosion? Also, the corrosion is occuring on the metal part of the cables where they connect to the batteries.
One of my friends suggested liquid electrical tape. Is that a good idea?

6 thoughts on “What can I put on my golf cart battery cables to prevent corrosion?”

  1. No. that stuff will solidify. They sell stuff at the auto store that is both conductive and made to protect your cables and posts. Get the proper product for the application.


  2. you should put vasoline on the battery heads.. that will stop corrosion there.. make sure to scrub off all the corrosive buildup first… but I think you just need to replace the cable. when buying a new cable- make sure it has a good plasic coating.


  3. First you need to clean all and i mean all the corrosion off the cables and battery post use a wire brush, screwdriver, knife or whatever it takes to get it. Then clean it with baking soda and water can also be used . After the cables are clean and tight on the post cote them with dielectric grease or grease used for electric connections.


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