Rate my golf swing – Lesson

brendongolfer asked:

Golf shots and swings with different clubs. Driver, hybrid and 9 iron. Please take a look and offer any advise. Guess my handicap

17 thoughts on “Rate my golf swing – Lesson”

  1. Slow down your back swing…that allows you to fully coil. On your back swing you seem to be taking the club a bit on the outside. Otherwise your swing is basically sound.


  2. fkn brutal.
    ok, let the club point at your target at the top of your backswing.
    slow down your take away.
    work on that for about a year and then put your swing on here again.


  3. if there was a ceiling over your head when you take the club back you’de knock yourself out. stay down and do not bring the club even half as far inside on the way back as you do.


  4. 7 handicap once a week.. good work keep it up is ur swings working for u dont change it maybe u could shave stroke if u focus on putting??


  5. Hi there you take the swing on the inside and the drill i give to your friend would help you too. you also are reverse pivetting and not releasing the hands through impact, your probably holding on because of a big hook that comes into play


  6. Thats the beauty of golf isnt it? It doesnt matter what your swing looks like aslong as it gets the job done then its not a problem. Take a look at Jim Furyks swing. Its the most unusual swing you will probably see among the pga pros but hes still up there with the best. The bottom line is… theres always more than one way to get the job done. And with a 7 handicap.. yes you must be doing something right. Getting your clubs fitted may help you with better consistency.


  7. My worst shot is a pull, hook. My handicap is currently 7 and i play once a week. Have been as low as 4. I`ve been playing for 18 years. Clubs are`nt fitted


  8. This is my mates swing, mine is the other vid. I agree with the head movement, I had not really noticed before,. He actully hits a draw and his bad shot is a pull draw. The clubs are not fitted. He has a 7 handicap and has played for at least 15 years.


  9. Swing plane too high. Let me guess… you slice alot? And you compensate by closing the clubface? Too much head motion on the take away. Are those clubs fitted? Ill say… youve been playing for around 1-2 years? First shot look liked a major slice.


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