What are some good fundraising ideas to raise a lot of money?

Libby asked:

My class council is looking to do a fundraiser next year for money for senior events. We are willing to put effort into a fundraiser, as we need to raise quite a lot of money (over 8,000). We are looking to do a major fundraiser, possibly out of school. We have thought about maybe doing a golf tournament, any suggestions for that? Does anyone have any other good ideas for fundraisers? Thanks!

7 thoughts on “What are some good fundraising ideas to raise a lot of money?”

  1. I know this is used a lot, but you could do a car wash. It won’t make you 8,000 but it’s a start. You could also make things, like candles and such, and sell those. The cost of making the candles(or jewelry) would be about $2-$3 each and you could sell them for $10 or so..my senior class did that and made pretty good money over all (I don’t know the exact amount of profit from it). just a thought.


  2. My school did these little “secrest admirer” notes one time.
    We had some really cute little cards that you could buy for like a dollar.
    Then you wrote whatever you wanted to say,
    and put who it was for, and what homeroom they were in.
    Then you turned it into the little secret admirer box, or whatever, and whenever the delivery day was, the notes were delivered to the classes.

    or sell yourself


  3. Hi Libby,

    My idea starts as a fundraiser and then grows from there. The fundraiser is the kick off.

    Fundraiser: Arbonne Lip Gloss $10.00 each/ $3.00 each to your group. Every girl wants a new Lip Gloss or 2!!! They sell well!

    20 students each selling 15 Lip Gloss = $900.00 and every girl needs a new lip gloss at least 4 tims a year.

    Then when each lip gloss is delivered I include a note about how any future purchases of Arbonne Products from my business will earn your group anywhere from 15-35% of the retail price.

    Arbonne is a health and wellness beauty company. They offer over 300 different products, so something for everyone. They offer products that everyone uses everyday. So parents and friends can support your group by simply changing the place they buy their hand lotion, mineral powder, shampoo or lip gloss. The are receiving a very nice product and supporting your group at the same time.

    I am an independent consultant for Arbonne. Arbonne is a respected 29 year old company. They strive to offer a healthier option of products people use each day. I love my business, because I am able to grow my business and provide my retail profits to charity. Arbonne pays me a commission based on my total team sales and this is the money I use to support my family. The retail profit from your groups sales will be given back to your group.

    This can earn your group a lot of money over the next year. I will work all of the follow up orders for you. No cost to your group. I will provide all materials.

    If you would like more information, please contact me through my profile one yahoo. Then I can provide my email, phone number and more information for you and your group’s sponsor.

    Best wishes,
    Karen Harrington


  4. Your two main options are to either use a free idea or a sell a product/service.

    If you decide on a product/service make sure you can meet the minimum order size. Otherwise your profit margin will quickly shrink.
    Candy Bars will deliver about 50% profit
    Flowers can return 50% to 75% profit (great for valentines day)
    Candles can return 25% to 50% profit

    The free ideas will require some money and resources but not nearly as much as selling a product or service.
    Monthly Bake Sale – One day a month you can hold a bake sale. The good part about this idea is that you only need to raise about $800 each month to hit your yearly goal of $8000.
    Work For A Day Auction – You could auction off seniors to do chores (yardwork, cleaning a house, etc)
    Partner with a Local Restaurant – You promote the restaurant and in exchange they give you 10% of the sales that night. This helps expose a new restaurant to the community and also creates a fun party.

    I would suggest you use a combination of fundraising projects.


  5. A great fundraiser is a water fight. Today at my school we had a water fight and it was really successful. People payed 5 bucks for 5 balloons, although the price would probably be different where you live because the currency is different. But we raised around 2180 bucks and everyone had a great time. 🙂


  6. If you are looking to do something high profile then holding a golf tournament can bring in a lot of money. One of best things about a golf tournament is that it will easily attract local businesses and even local celebrities or politicians. These people rarely miss a chance to golf if it means exposure for themselves while helping a great cause.

    For more information on holding a golf tournament for fundraising see this:


  7. My old school had a fete each year. Ma bey your school could have one.
    It was during a day you were off school so you could bring your brothers or sisters that didn’t go to the school.
    There should be stuff like food on sale, things ma bey the parents made on sale, you could get people to bring old toys and books in to sell and also have some other stuff on during the fete like… a football match , dance competition or hook the duck, things that could get you prizes, raffles.
    After the fete is over having a Barbecue for everyone who volunteered (including adults) is a great way to use left over food as well and it is appreciated.


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