Can a golf ball be hit further with a driver or an aluminum bat?

GoBux asked:

What goes further under perfect conditions (no wind, average humidity, 72° F). A golf ball hit by an aluminum bat or a 460cc driver. The golf ball would be hit off a tee of course when being hit by the club. The ball when hit by the bat would just be tossed up and hit, not pitched. What do you think?

One thought on “Can a golf ball be hit further with a driver or an aluminum bat?”

  1. OK. Baseball bats hit baseballs ~510ft max. That’s 170 yards. Drivers hit golf balls 340 or more yards which is twice as far as a bat can hit a baseball. The question is if the relative size baseball vs golf ball makes the difference in distance or is it the construction and mechanics of the bat and club. The answer is the construction and mechanics since the driver bends on the downswing and releases at impact launching the ball at a far greater velocity that what can be generated with a bat. Also, to hit a ball 500 ft with a bat generally requires the ball being pitched at a great rate of speed not being tossed up.

    The answer a driver can hit a golf ball further than an aluminum bat.


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