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golf club medicus driver; is it really a good learning tool?

T asked:

I’m watching an infomercial on the Medicus Golf Driver, and I’m thinking about buying one. Does it really work as good as they say?


3 thoughts on “golf club medicus driver; is it really a good learning tool?”

  1. id gets lessons before buying a training aid to make sure that your swing plane matches the medicus if it doesnt you will mess up your entire golf game, but yes the medicus is a useful training aid


  2. I am sure it works. However, it didn’t do much for me. It seems like it works well if you have a slow tempo. I have a fast tempo, so it keep breaking on me. There is really nothing wrong with my swing, because I had it looked at by a pro. I guess what the aid does is to help slow down on your tempo to get rid of mistakes. Not all aids works for everyone.


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