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How often should I replace the spikes of my golf shoes?

Charlie D asked:

I was looking at my golf shoes the other night and noticed that a lot of the spikes towards the toes of my shoes were broken off. I have the Softspikes Pulsar Fast twist spikes currently in my shoes. If the front spikes break, should I replace all the spikes or just rotate the ones from the back to the front and continue that process? How often are new spikes recommended?


6 thoughts on “How often should I replace the spikes of my golf shoes?”

  1. If you are competing professionally and winning money, then by all means follow the 10-15 rounds rule. But if you are a casual player (or even serious hobbyist) then change them when you need to not by rounds played. As for what’s on there now, just rotate them out and play on replacing the full set when the ‘new’ toe spikes get worn/broken.


  2. Just change the ones that are broken or extremely worn down. When they don’t give you good enough traction, then it is time to change them.


  3. They say every year. I just replaced mine recently and I bought some spikes and it said that you should replace them every year. It was the first time I did it in 3 or 4 years. If you don’t have the wrench to replace them, OMG it is a BE EYE TEE CEE H to do without it.


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