The Highs and the lows of golf

Yesterday Don had climbed up to top of our golf world with a sizzling round. Today some of the sizzle kind of fizzled as he slipped to a 38 with the help of a 6 on # 8.

Today the sun was shining and very little wind which brought Gary Cook out today and played great steady golf, He mastered # 3 with a great Birdie and finished up the day with a 33, the low score today.

Richard kept up his love affair with the water on # 7 taking a 6 there and came in with 35 for the round.

George played steady golf up the middle of the fairway most of the time and capped it off with a Birdie on #7 . His score for the day was a 34.

All had a good time with some good natured fun.

Judy, Joyce and Sid were out in front and missed some of the fun.

We saw Bill and Jerry and Arthur comming up behind us but don’t know how they did for scores.
They did help in recovering and returning the phone that Richard lost. Another golfer at Cottonwood found the phone, Thanks to everyone who had a hand in the return.

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