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Checking out Tony Butler Golf Club

Played Tony Butler golf coarse this afternoon, hot and sunny. We had heard stories about the green there.

Here is how my golf game went today.

Started off on # 1 which is a 475 yard par 5 with water across the fairway about 280 yards out,
and a slight dog leg to the left. this leaves you about 200yards from the green. I played from the gold tees, which are about 50 yards closer to the green on this hole.

Hit my ball just short of the water, the fairways are hard as a rock and the ball rolls a long ways. When I reached the green in four,
I was greeted with a lightning fast green, which had just been sanded to make them even faster.

The cup was cut on top of a rise in the middle of the green, and I had an 8 foot putt up to the hole,
I hit the ball and was about 1 foot short of the cup, the ball came back down the rise and slid to the right
and stopped 10 feet from the hole. So far I am 2 feet farther away, my second putt went 6 feet past the hole,
I have now gained 2 feet with two puts.Two more puts and I was finished with # 1 hole.

# 2 is a par 3 about 110 yards from the gold tees, I hit the ball to the left of the geen, chipped back across the green and finished with a 5.

# 3 plays 420 yards from the gold tees, 3 shots later, I was in the sand trap on the right of the green,
took two to get out and across the green, three putts from there and that hole was history.

#4 is a straight hole 340 yard par 4. Hit the ball down the left side into some trees, chipped back on the fairway, reached the green in 4, took 3 putts
and walk away with a seven.

# 5 plays 260 to the green which I hit with my second shot, took 4 putts and off to # 6, a 125 yarder from the gold tees.
I hit the green with my tee shot abot 40 feet from the pin, it is a large flat green that slopes from the back to the front.
my first putt ended up 4 feet from the hole, with an uphill putt the ball was in the hole for a par.

# 7 is a straight hole, just about 300 yards to the green, hit the ball down the right side just staying out of the rough, as I walke along the rough to my ball
I found two good balls, a titliest and a Nike , looked just like new. Hit my second shot up the fairway and it rolled and rolled onto the green stopping
8 feet from the hole, took two putts from there to score a par.

#8 proved to be something else, after waiting for two Dudes in front of me look for their balls for 10 minutes, they waved me through.

Now you know that when you get waved through you always hit a poor shot off of the tee and I did, about 80 yards using a driver.
With the two Dudes looking onmy next shot hit a tree into an unplayable lie, two shots from there I am over the green,
a nice rolling green, chipped on and took 3 more putts to finish the hole.

let me see how I am doing so far, #1 4 on and 4 putts 8, sets the tone for the day. #2- 3 on two putts for a 5.
#3- 3 into the sand trap, two to get out and 3 putts for an 8. #4 4 shot on and tree putts for 7. # 5 two to get on and 4 putts for a 6.
#6 1 on two putts for 3. # 7 2 on two putts for a 4. # 8 6 on and three puts for a 9. sitting at a 50 with one to go, I am tired, hot and wish I had a beer.

Ever wonder why it is called a cup, it was named after the mug that the Scott’s drank thier spirits out of,
it would not sound good if you had to putt into a mug. Now you know!

Onto the last hole # 9…
Hit a great drive up the left side , the ball hit the cart path and bounced to about 240 yards from the tee, and stopped at the base of a tree,
took a drop and promptly hit the ball across the fairway into the rough, another drop there, next shot over the green.

This green has a hump in the middle and a small flat area about the size of a garbage can lid, and that is where the cup is.

Took the putt , up the hump, missed the hole, down the hump to the edge of the green
tried once more, up the hump and did not make it and back down to where I was standing, 20 feet from the cup.
the next putt just about made the top and rolled back down 12 feet from the hole, I called it a gimmie marked a 10 on the scorecard and went home.

My report back to the La Copa group is going to say ” don’t take my score as what you may expect for yours, but if you play on holes 1 to 9 you will find the very fast greens, frustrating.
Next time I will play holes 19 to 27 ( the old coarse) as the grees are not as demanding and not quite as fast. They are still fast.


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