La Copa Friday league

la Copa friday league jan 30th

Friday golf started out with wind from the north east and the temp a nice 67 degrees.

Fifteen golfers showed up, each person picked a tee from a container to make up the teams.

The red team made up of George Coulson, Ron Simpson, Gerry Busch and Frank, who is new to the group.

The White’s were Keith Bess, Jerry Miller, Gary Cook and Richard Lampi.

Don Reisberg, Joyce Foy and Judy Bess made up the Blue team.

those who picked the orange tees were Doug Mazor, Sid Bina, Bill Stewart and Arther Barnett who made it just in time to tee off.

We played with the dice today.

Each player hits off the tee, then one person of the team would roll the dice to see which drive was going to be used.
lacopa jan 30 15

On the four man teams each player would be assigned a number from 1 to 4. Play the ball of the player number rolled.

The Five if it was rolled, would be the best shot and if the six was rolled it would be the worst shot.

With the three-man teams each player would have two numbers. roll the dice and hit the ball of the number rolled, good bad or otherwise.

From that point every player hits the ball and the best ball played from there.

Three of the teams claimed to have good luck rolling the dice and one team had the devil on their side today.

The Orange team had the best score (25, two under and 2 Birdies) and can brag for a week.

The Reds a shot 27 with one Birdie , the Whites scored a 29 and the Blues came in with a hefty 34.

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