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treasure hills again

Wednesday golf at treasure hills

the golfers best friend
golfers best friend

Sixteen Golfers from the LaCopa Inn group took part in our Wednesday seniors golf tour.
Each golfer picked a colored tee from a basket to make up the teams. Just the luck of the draw to see who you’re playing partner was.

the first team out of the blocks were George Coulson, Ron Simpson, Harry DeCore and Jerry Pape.
Now you may think that golf is a simple game of hitting the ball
into a small hole in the middle of a large sloping green with very short grass on it.

Team #1 thought that when they were on # 1 tee, and looked up the fairway, it took them a total of 30 strokes
to get all of the balls in that little hole.

Hole 1 is a straight away par 4, 356 yards long, from the gold tees.

Team 2, Keith Bess, Frank Simpson, Nancy Rhulow and Gerry Busch had great confidence in their game and proceeded to tie Team 1
with a combined score of 30.

Team # 3 made up of Gary Cook, Richard Lampi, Arthur Barnett and Doug Mazor, played # 1 with a total score of 23.

Team # 4 of Joyce Foy, Don Riesberg, Bill Stewart and Sid Bina, took 24 strokes to finnish the hole.

There were no Birdies on the day. Ron Simpson had the best round of the day with a 45 on his card. Sid Bina and Arthur barnett were tight on Ron’s heals with 46’s.

Honors of the day goes to team 3 with a combined average score of 48.7. Second with an average of 50.2 were team 4.
Team # 1 averaged 53.2 and team 2 had an average of 54.2.

The High scores on the first hole can be blamed on nerves, playing in front of a lot of people.

The last hole of the day, a short tough par 4, had results were much the same, on this hole everyone was tired and can use that as an excuse.
Team scores on Hole 9 a 31 from team # 1,.. a 29 for team # 2, … a 26 from team 3 and a 23 for team # 4.

Some notable scores were recorded, Jerry Pape turned in a 61 for the day.
Harry Decore took the high hole honor, with a 10 recorded on his card on # 9.

The fast greens took a toll on most of the golfers, with many puts going past the hole.


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