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Treasure Hills Feb. 18th 2015

Full Sunshine and a very light breeze greeted 19 Golfers From the LaCopa Group, to Treasure Hills Golf Club.

This is the largest number of players making the weekly trek to this Golf course on the east side of Harlingen Tx

The teams were made up before going to the Treasure Hills today.

The format used was, the players picked who they wanted to play with.
The first team was made up of Joyce Foy, Sid Bina , Harry and Jo DeCore, for today we will call them Joyce’s team.

The Keith Bess team had Tim Andrews, Doug Mazor and Jerry Pape.

Fred’s Team made up of Fred Kline and his wife Dorothy, Bob Martintoni and his better half Dee.

Bill Stewart Gerry Busch along with Arthur Barnett made up Bill’s team. Arthur’s wife came along for moral support.

The last team of Don Reisberg, Richard Lampi, George Coulson and newcomer Bob Thorson,
this teams is named after its oldest player who happens to be George, therefore, George’s team.

Scoring for today’s game, Each players score were recorded , so they could have their score at the end of the day.
The best score recorded on each hole was used to count to the team score.

Joyce’s team scored a 44 on the team score. Harry was one of three players to record a 9 on the way to a 55.
Joyce had 5 7’s and turned in a 56 for the round. Jo also had 5 7’s and a couple higher ones for a final score of 61
Sid had 3 pars and finished up with a solid 45.

Fred’s team had a team score of 40 which tied them for second. Fred led his team with a 44 with 2 pars,
Bob and Dee both shot 47’s with two pars each. Dorothy had a par on hole 3 to go with her five 7’s for 55 on the day.

Keith’s team total was also 40 to tie Fred’s team for second. Keith led his team with a 42 scoring a birdie and three pars.
Tim had three pars and finished with a 45. Doug had five 6’s and a par, his total was a 49.
Jerry had a bunch of 8’s and his total for the day was a 67.

George’s team tied for first on the team score with a 39. Don and Richard tied for high hole score with Harry, each having a 9.
Don’s final tally was a 55, Richard scored a 45, George a 52 and Bob led the team with a 44.

Bill’s team tied George’s team with a 39.
Bill started his game with some lofty scores, he settled down in the middle holes, then back to the lofty ones on the final two holes, his total was 62.
Gerry had six 7’s and finished with a fitting 57. Arthur had the best round of the day with two birdies, three pars for a great 39.

congrats to all the players.
Note: Pictures taken on this day will be posted over the next few days.


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