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Sunday morning golf

Cottonwood golf:

Sunday morning golf for Don Reisberg proved to be one of the best rounds of the year for him.

He was one over par after 7 holes then on # 8, the toughest hole on the course he took a five,
then finished his round with a par on nine, for a great 30, tying the 30 he shot back on jan 19th of this year.
congrats Don.

Rounding out the foursome were George Coulson, Gary Cook and Richard Lampi.

Richard salvaged a 34 after hitting the ball into the water on # 7.

George and Gary turned in 37’s for the day.

Keith Bess, Tim Andrews and Doug Mazor went and played at treasure hills and had nice weather to play.

Doug is headed north in the next day or two, depends on the road conditions as he is going into the wrath of winter in Winnipeg, Man.
Have a safe trip home.

Tim Will be headed towards the east as he is going to Florida to check out the weather there.

Ron and Cathy head back to Sparta, Wis. on Tuesday, They heard a rumor that spring was headed that way. Cathy will leave Ron there to fend for himself as she will be going over to Florida with her sister.

Frank Simpson leaves today (Monday) for Saskatchewan, and so the migration north begins.


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