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Treasure Hills Feb 25th

Feb 25th treasure hills

The sun came out today and slowly warmed up the valley, and by our tee time of 3:00pm at treasure hills,
the temperature was up to a balmy 64 degrees. It was breezy for the first couple of holes, then the wind died down.

The teams were just about the same as last week with Sid, Joyce, Harry and Jo making up Team # two.

Team # 3 was the same as last week with Gerry, Bill and Arthur.

Team # 1 was the first out, made up of Don, Keith and Richard.

There were only 10 golfers out compared to 19 last week. Three of the golfers from last week.
Doug Mazor, Bob Thorson and Frank Simpson headed back to the great white north above the 49th parallel.
Jerry Pape stayed at home with George Coulson.
The Kline’s, Fred and Dorothy along with Bob and Dee Martintoni left some birdies at Tony Butler and went back to try to find them.

Keith started out with a bang with a birdie on the first hole (the only birdie scored by the group), he was cruising along until he
took an 8 on hole # 6 the finished with a 44 for the Lowest score of the day.

Richard played the first two holes in great fashion scoring a 7 then a 9 before settling down to finish with a 49 on the day,
the only thing that saved him was his putter.

Don played steady golf and turned in a score of 52.
This was Don’s last chance to shine as he and his better half Donna leave in the morning for Sunny Florida.

The foursome of Harry, Jo, Sid and Joyce.
Harry shot a 9 on # 2 and 8 on # 8 but finished with a 52.
Jo and Joyce shot 60 nd 61 for the day.
Sid had pars on both of the par three holes and turned in a 49 for the day.

Bill was looking for his first score under 50 until he reached the tough # 9 where he took a nine and finished with a 52 on the day.

Gerry was playing nice steady golf and met her Waterloo on hole # 9 where she matched Bill’s 9. her final score was a 58.

Arthur was not himself today as he shot a 47, he did have 4 pars on his round.

Honors for the day went to team #1 with a team score of 39.
Team #2’s score was a 45 and Team 3 turned in a 46.


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