The Chase for a 30 at Cottonwood golf course

March 7th Cottonwood

The Cottonwood Golf Course which is a 9 hole par 27 layout. If you are playing from the White tees,
you are looking at total yardage of 1245 yards. The holes range from 95 to 200 yards in length.
From the red tees it is 1060 yards, with the longest hole measuring 160 yards and the shortest is 85 yards.

The quest for the rest of the time we have here, is to try and shoot a 30 or better.

Today Richard had a run for a 30 as he was at 23 after 7 holes then took a 5 on #8 and a 4 on #9 for a 32.

George only had one 5 on his card, turning in a 34, for a nice solid round.

Sid had a bit of trouble with his chipping and took 5’s on l#7,8,and nine to finish with a 38.

Joyce Started out with a par on #1, then had 4’s and 5’s on the remainder of her round for a total of 41.
Putting on some of the greens is difficult as some are a bit rough.

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