The Last of the Golf at Cottonwood this Year

the last day of friday golf for the LaCopa Friday League.
Here is the Report From Joyce Foy, for Friday March 27th.
Just thought I’d send u the results of today’s game…..
The 3 women (Joyce, Dianna & Gerry) challenged the men
(Sid, Howard & Bill) for best team score.
Individual scores were, Joyce Foy 34, Dianna Stewart 36, and Gerry Busch 37.

Guess what….the women were the victorious with a team score of 31, and
the men had a 32. It’s evident they ran into some difficulty
without the women to cheer them on!!
Sid Bina a 36, Bill Stewart with a 38,and Howard Stewart with a 43.
The mosquitos have been out in full force this past week, and they specially l o v e Sid.
He is covered in bites from several days ago, and was attacked with a vengeance today . – He came off the coarse with blood on arms, legs, and clothing……..No wonder he was “itchy” on the way back to The LaCopa Inn.

Howard took several photos .
There are 6 of us leaving in the morning of March 28th, The Cook’s , Gary and Helen.
Dianna & Howard Stewart, Sid Bina and Joyce Foy.
Gerry & Bill leave Sunday, as does Tracey & Marge Andrews.
Anne flies out April 1st…….and that’s it for another season.

Sid made a deposit in the trash bin, his golf clubs that he used this year.
He has a set at home he will bring back next winter.

Just a note I will be posting more pictures here as time goes by, and you also will be able to follow the crew from Atikokan, from Little Falls Golf Club.

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