seniors thursday july 9th

golf today at little falls

with sixteen senior golfers turned out today, the weather was nice and the bugs were not bad.

with the age of the group 50+, (most of the group are over 65) the format was 4 foursomes, teams chosen by handicap.
Each player played his own ball and kept his score, for the team score only the best score on each hole
was used to see who won the prizes at the end of the game.

Those with handicap under 12 played from the blue tees, 13 to 20 played from the whites and over 20 played from the yellow tees.(forward tees)

team #1 teed on #1 were Ed Kennedy, Jean Lambert, Pete Barna and Gary Ladouceur and they turned in a 76 for the 18 holes,
they did not keep their individual scores.

team #2 made up of Brian McCallum, John Williams, Jerry Cripps and Scotty Russell, turned in an eighteen hole score of 79.
No individual scores were recorded except for Brian and he scored a 92.

team #3 turned in the low team score of the day with a 73,
Led by Ron Speck with a 41 on the front nine and even better on the back nine with a 39 for an 80 on the day.
Richard Lampi Scored a 46 on the front and a 42 on the back for an 88, his best round in a few years.
Franko Calvelli with a 46 on the front and a 40 on the back and turned in a 86 on the day.
Leo Lamarche shot a 50 on the front nine and a 48 on the back for a 98.

Team #4. Ray Laquerre, Don MacDonald, Allan Bruyere and Larry Brown came in with a team score of 75 good for second on the day.
Ray shot a pair of 40’s for an 80 which tied Ron for the low round of the day, Larry Brown had a 44 on the front nine and matched that score o the back for and 88 for the day.
Allan shot his lowest score of the year with a 97.
Don shot a 43 on the front and a 51 on the back nine.

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