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Pre Season golf course repairs

For the first time in many years a group of senior golfers, were allowed  to do some volunteer maintenance on the red tees on the first hole at Little Falls Golf Course.

This tee off had a slope which caused the right-handed golfers having to hit from a downhill lie and the left-handed had an uphill lie.

Now that the tee is level all golfers should be able to score at least one stroke better on this hole.

Thanks Goes to Ray Laquerre and the recreation director Nicole Halasz. of the Township of Atikokan as well as the Union for their cooperation enabling the senior golfers to do this work to make the golfing experience better for all the golfers.

Thanks also goes to Tramin for the loan of a front end loader to move the soil to the tee area and to Oggie’s Landscaping for his tools and expertise in removing and replacing the sod.

Many thanks to those who helped in the work, Ray Laquerre, John Williams, Pete Barna, Jean Lambert, Tod Bryck, Wayne Thomas, Larry Ogden, Richard Lampi, Rick Cain.







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