LaCopa Cottonwood golf

Teresa, Bev, Jeff, Tony Feb 17 2016

laCopa friday feb 17 2017

22 of the hardiest golfers braved the 65 degree weather when the golf started and the 80 degree temps when the golf was over by days end. The wind was a very slight breeze by Texas standards.

A new golfer Brianna, joined the group as she was on a week off from college,
visiting her grandparents, Fred and Dorothy Kline.

Jeff Dykstra played for his second week and right after the golf was over he headed back to South Dakota. I don’t know if the golf was so bad or he just wanted to catch some of the warm weather that is in South Dakota before it turns back into winter.

Players from the white team, Duane Miller 34,Doug Mazur 34, Keith Bess 30, and Fred Kline 35 , won the bragging rights for the week with a one under 26.
Keith and Duane scored birdies on hole # 9, Keith also had a bird on # 2. He had the low round of the day with a 30.

Tied with 29’s were the Blue and Green teams.
Harry led the Blues with a 31, Dee scored a 35, Dorothy (last weeks putting machine) turned in a 39, and Bev shot a 43.
Don score the low score for the Green team with a 34, Bob was next with a 35, Richard turned in an even par 36, and Jeff had a few six’s and a score of 41 which was matched by Teresa’s 41.

The Pink team had a 33 on the day led by Jo with an even par 36, followed by Dianna with a 37,
the men of the group Tony a 40, Bill a 42, Jim a 44.

The Red team had a 33 on the day, leading the team was Gerry with a 36 , Dan  shot  37,Brianna 38 and Tracy ( his First golf since he was here last year) a 47. they will remember the sixth hole
as they all scored 6’s.

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