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Delay on the start of the season Due to the CoVid19 virus

The golf course was in fine shape after the winter, there was very little winter kill on the greens and the fairways were in great shape.

With the safety regulations that came with CoVid19, no golfers were allowed on the golf course.

Other clubs in the District, Delayed their opening until they could ensure the safety of the workers and golfers as well.

When the course did open for play, each golfer had to have a tee time booked, ride alone on his or her cart and golfers were started 20 minutes apart. On the green the cups had a sponge ring around the pin so no ball could drop into the hole, this safety measure ensured that no one had to disinfect the pins in between the player. The next step on the greens saw the cups put in upside down and the sponge ring was removed, this allowed the ball to fall partway into the hole but not enough to warrant touching the pin, this satisfied the golfers.

Senior men’s golf started on June 18th with all the protocols in place, 14 golfers took part and played best ball.

Team #1 was Brian McCallum sr, Ed Kennedy, Brent Dyck and Ron Speck. they turned in a lightning shortened round of 73.

Team # 2 With Franco Calvelli, Alan Bruyere, Richard Lampi and Harry Bruyere ( his first round in 14 years). they had a 71 with a lightning shortend round.

Jean Lambert headed up team #3 with Vern Hebert and Herb Rhorig turning in a 72.

Team # 4 consisting of Scotty Russell, Roy Decorte and Ray Laquerre shot a 5 birdie round and recorded a 68 and won the bragging rights for the day, well done guys. they completed their round beating the rain and lightning.


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