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Treasure Hills the second time around

The second time playing at treasure hills golf course made most of the La Copa golfers happy, as the scores from last week were lower for most of the golfers. ( sorry Sid).

I think Arthur Barnett was the happiest this week, he improved his score from a 44 last week to an even par 36, this week.
He had a Boggy on the first, a Birdie on #2 and parred the remaining 7 holes. Great round Arthur.

I matched my score from last week with a 47 but hit my favourite ball into the jungle on # 8 and lost it.

Nancy and Bill shaved their scores by 6 and 4 strokes, Joyce and Gerry took a couple of strokes off their scores.

Sid had trouble off of the tees and struggled to a 56 so he was on the other side of Art’s happiness.

Bill was the most consistent with seven 6’s and two 7’s.

The foursome of Joyce, Bill, Richard and Art won the bragging rights for the day with an average score of 48.
Nancy, Sid and Gerry averaged 55.

Fairways are hard, sand traps are firm and the greens fast, just right for Senior golf and the rough is tough to get out of.


Morning Golf

Morning golf at cottonwood on Jan. 26th and 27th.

The last two days we have had real nice weather, with very little wind for our morning golf at Cottonwood.

We generally go out around 10 am. There are other groups of golfers who belong to other leagues
from some of the R.V parks in the area. They have tee times earlier and are finished by ten in the morning.

Our golf has been steady for the last few days. Don has been the most consistent the last two days with scores of 33 and 34.

Sid had a 34 today despite being wild off of the tee, he was good with chipping and putting.
George shot a 35 yesterday but had bad luck on the greens today, lipping out on 4 holes and ending up with a 40.

The water canal claimed a ball from George and a ball from Sid on hole # 5.

The only highlite for Richard was a birdie on # 2 as he shot a 38 yesterday and a 35 today.

Other golfers from the La Copa play golf later in the day.

Cathy Sanders started her golfing career today under the capable hands of Judy and Keith Bess

Welcome to the world of golf and all of its ups and downs, Cathy.

Saterday Golf

Cottonwood golf club was wet and cool on saterday morning but that did not stop Sid, George and Richard of the Lacopa group. They braved the elements to Play 9 holes.
despite wet feet, George and Richard Shot 36s and Sid came in with a 39.
Richard lost the only ball of the day when he teed off on # 5 and hit it into the water.
The weather is going to warm up a bit for the next day or so.

New use for old Titleist Golf Ball

DSCF2084I have been Working in the yard trying to figure out a way to take down a large Poplar tree, this tree is about 70 feet high and is leaning toward the power line that serves our property.

Not having access to any heavy equipment or a boom truck, I had to think of a way to get the tree down.

Since these trees do not have limbs all the way to the bottom and the nearest branch is about 40 feet off of the ground.

I had to find  a way to get a small fishing line over that branch and back down to the ground and this where the golf ball comes in.

I took a golf ball (Titleist Pro V1) and drilled a very small hole in it so I could screw in a small eye bolt into it, then I got out my old fishing rod  and tied the line onto the golf ball.

Have you ever tried to cast a fishing lure straight up in the air?

Now I am all set to try and cast this golf ball over that branch some 40 feet in the air, Not being a very good fisherman I had lot of trouble casting the ball over the limb, I did get it over  and the ball ended on the ground. (  on the first try the ball sailed over the branch into a pine tree on the other side and the ball wraped around a limb  about 20 feet off  the ground, in trying to get it off, I broke the fish line so I had to do this all over again).

Once that was done I untied the ball, and taped a 1/4″ rope onto the fish line and  pulled it over the branch, The fish line was not strong enough to pull up a long 1″ rope needed to pull the tree back away from the Hydro line.

I took the 1″ rope which is 100 feet long and took both ends back to a another tree stump and hooked up my 1 1/2 ton come a long and proceeded to pull the tree back away from the line.

After  the tree was  pulled back to a vertical position I then cut a notch  it on the side it was pulled from, this makes it easier to pull over,then i pulled it farther until it was about  10 degrees over centre.

Now I had the tree falling exactly where I wanted it to land, I cut the backside  to finish falling the tree. I was out of the way of the tree and out of any danger area.





Winter Texan golf

As the weather starts to get better up north, the winter texans feel the need to get home before all of the snow melts away.

Some of the group that stay at the La Copa Inn have already have left and over the next 3 weeks all will be gone to their summer homes, some to Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Ontario (north and south)and a few other places.

This weeks golf outing of the LaCopa group saw us play with individual scoring and the best score on each hole used for the group bragging rights.
There was very little wind and since we are not used to golfing in calm weather no one could adapt and most of the scores were higher than normal, George had the best round of the group with a 32, congrats to team mar 14 2014

Red team mar 14 2014

white team mar 14 2014

LaCopa League

This week we modified our group golf game. We played at Cottonwood golf course, a nine hole, par 27 course.

team Blue Team Red white teamWe made up teams from those who could attend our weekly outing.

Since we had 10 golfers this morning, we put 4 red tees, 3 white tees and 3 blue tees in a container and each player drew a tee to find out which team they would play on today.

Each team then hit the ball off the tee, to find out which ball would be played each player would roll a set of dice, the player rolling the highest number is the ball played on that hole.

From there each player would hit from that spot and it would be best ball to the finish of the hole.
This system would then be repeated on each hole. This made the game very interesting shots and tested the players ability to roll the dice.

Group golfing for fun

I belong to a mixed group of senior golfers (Winter Texans) who play every friday. We generally play on a par three coarse where we have negotiated a group rate for nine holes.
We are always looking for some variations to the game to play which will include everyone and does not require a handicap. Not everyone plays enough rounds to get one and some of them do not care as they are not real competitive golfers.
This past week we played in four man groups with each player playing his own ball and keeping the score on a community card, this way each player gets to have his or her scores at the end of the day.
Only the best score on a hole is taken for the group on each hole, this goes to see which group gets the bragging rights for the day.
In order to reduce the stacking of teams, we put 4 tees of red, white, blue, green, yellow, into a basket. Each player draws to find out what team they will be on for that day.
All the birdies are bring great fanfare as they are rare accomplishments and are recorded for the end of the season windup.

Golf Ball

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to hit a golf ball that has no dimples on it.

The dimpled golf ball was invented in 1907, by a guy named William Taylor. He applied for and got a patent for it and that change must have been great for the game back then.

Now with the  dimples you were able to put spin an the ball and stop it on the greens.

I never hit a ball without dimples but I would think it would be very hard to control, not that I can control one with Dimples.

A. J. Spalding  bought the US rights in 1908 and started producing the dimpled balls.