Golf season is coming to an end at Little Falls Golf Club

Little Fall Golf Coarse closes for the season on October 1st again this year.

It does not mean the end of golf , just that the clubhouse is closed and the locker area will will be closed.

The season was hit and miss during May, June and part of July  due to poor weather conditions.

The greens suffered bad damage from the severe winter and the late spring did not help .

The Seniors group, made up of some very hardy  golfers survived the early bad weather only missed one Thursday and that was due to heavy rain and lightning.










Left to Right  Leo Lamarche, Steve Splawski, Richard Lampi and Harold Mosley

we were the early finishers on this day


Seniors open winners list


On Tuesday, August 12, 2014, seventy three golfers from the region showed up at Little Falls Golf Club to compete for the Atikokan Senior Men Championship. We had players from Fort Frances, Dryden, Devlin, Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout, international Falls, MN and Siren, WI. The players had great golfing conditions for the day. We had wonderful sunny days and a light breeze. The course was in good condition for the event. Play started at 9:00 am. A shotgun start saw all the players start at the same time. There were eighteen groups on the course.

Sparky ( Mark Clark) shot rounds of 39-38 for a total of 77. On the front nine he had 6 pars and 3 bogeys. On the back he added two birdies, three pars and three bogeys for a 38. Three players shot 78’s to finish one stroke behind Clark. Carl Botel, Gibby Ariano, a past champion and Rob Zacharias registered the 78. Also with a 79, Greg Tighe finished two strokes behind the leader.

The low net Champion was John “Goose” Manno of Sioux Loodout shot a Net 67 to capture the title.

Thanks to Mo’s catering for an excellent meal for all the golfers. It was well appreciated by the players. A special thank you goes out to all who help making it a successful tourney. Also I would like to thank our sponsors who have supported us for a long time. (You may view our thank you ADV in the newspaper). But most of all we would like to thank our local cart owners of have allowed us to borrow their carts to provide our guests with a ride. Without your generosity we would not be able to put on our tournament. .

Gross score winners

1st flight 1. Carl Botel 78 2. Gibby Ariano 78 3. Rob Zacharias 78 4. Greg Tighe 79

2ndFlight 1.    Alton Pollard 86 2.    Franco Calvelli 88 3.    Gord Hoskins 90 4.    Raymond Roy 91

3rd Flight 1. Brian McCallum 86 2. Harley Beauregard 89 3. Larry Brown 94 4. Jean Lambert 98

4th Flight 1.    Harold Mosley 95 2.    Eli Kempf 98 3.    Ed Kennedy 101 4.  Richard Lampi 103 .

Net score winners

1st Flight . 1. Mark Labossier 70 2. Todd Bryk 71 3. Dave Green 72 4 .Mike Willick 72

2nd Flight 1. Charlie Roy 72 2. Rob Driver 73 3. John Williams 74 4. Gary Ladoucer 76

3rd Flight 1. Pete Sas 75 2. Vernon Herbert 75 3. Gary Braun 78 4. Lance Beauregard 78

4th Flight 1. Kieth Apland 72 2. Paul Heayn 73 3. Pete Barna 75 4. Bill Guchalak 76

Seniors Club Championship for Little Falls Golf Club

116_5072 20 senior golfers took part in this years tournament on a warm sunny day, organized by leo Lamarche and Ron Speck, who have been putting this event together for many years, according to leo, was the most ever taking part in this yearly event.

Jerry Cripps shot consistent golf, finishing with an 80 to take home the trophy. congrats to Jerry on his win.

this years format was changed to use each golfers handicap to determine which tees would be used by the golfers.
If your handicap is 17 or under you teed off on the red tees, handicap 18+ you used the yellow and white. This format was popular with all of the golfers.
Max Clement at 88 years young enjoyed hitting from the forward tees, makes the games a bit easier.

More pictures will be posted in the next few days

Seniors Golf at Little Falls Golf Club

team 4


team 2

team 1Senior Thursday golf.

Thursday golf at 9:00 AM. Open to all members 50 and over.

this is the third week into the season of Thursday golf, the first week (June 5th) saw only 9 golfers braving the cool and wet weather that has plagued us this spring. The greens were in bad shape with lots of winter kill from the very cold weather and lots of snow.

Week two (June 10th) was rained out.
Today the weather was nice, partly cloudy with a slight breeze in the morning. 13 golfers who showed up to play.
The greens showed a lot of improvement from opening day which was the 27th of May, but it will take another few weeks to be in good shape.
The format for the day was best ball with each golfers tee shots used 2 times.
Team one (72) Leo Lamarche, Pete Barna, Gerry Crips and Dave Livicker.
This was Dave’s last Seniors Thursday before moving to the Calgary area, to be closer to his family. We will miss your wit and your unique prospective of the game.
Team two (72) Harold Mosley, Brian McCallum jr. and Richard Lampi
Team three (73) Steve Splawski, Wayne Thomas and Ron (Rudy) Speck
Team four (79) George Coulson, Jean Lambert and Brian McCallum sr.
On the day there was 8 birdies and one eagle scored and a few other things marked down on the score sheets.

Last golf for the LaCopa Friday League for the season

Bill, Joyce, Howard

The end of the season came to fast for most of us, but it is inevitable  that the Winter Texans feel the call of the north , like the  migration of the birds.

the last day saw only 7  of us left, we played with one team of four and one of three, at the end of the round both teams tied at 32, a fitting end to the winter golf.

The most notable score of the day was a best round ever for Joyce who shot a 31 , congrats to Joyce.

With 6 more of our group leaving Saturday morning , we said goodbye to Sid, Joyce, Bill and Gerry as well as  Gary and Helen.

LaCopa League

This week we modified our group golf game. We played at Cottonwood golf course, a nine hole, par 27 course.

team Blue Team Red white teamWe made up teams from those who could attend our weekly outing.

Since we had 10 golfers this morning, we put 4 red tees, 3 white tees and 3 blue tees in a container and each player drew a tee to find out which team they would play on today.

Each team then hit the ball off the tee, to find out which ball would be played each player would roll a set of dice, the player rolling the highest number is the ball played on that hole.

From there each player would hit from that spot and it would be best ball to the finish of the hole.
This system would then be repeated on each hole. This made the game very interesting shots and tested the players ability to roll the dice.

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