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October seniors golf

Seniors golf Oct 1st 2015

Todd Bryck
Todd Bryck

12 golfers took part in the regular seniors Thursday golf , starting at 9:30 am on Oct. 1st 2015

It was a nice cool fall day with the sun shining. The temp was about 10 degrees C at tee off and warmed up to about 15 degrees by 1:30 pm when the golf was finished and a mild wind blowing around.

The format for the day was 2 man teams playing alternate shots from tee to finishing out on the green.
The long hitters off the tee, played the odd number holes because they are generally the longest holes to play.
The shorter hitters played the even number holes which include the parr three holes.

Leading the scoring parade were Ray Laquerre and Pete Barna. they scored 19 after the first 3 holes, ( the only 8 scored on the day), they then parred the next 6 holes for a 43 on the front nine.
They had two birdies (only birdies on the day) on the back nine and turned in a 37 for a total of 80.

Eight strokes back for second place were the pair of Leo Lamarche and Todd Bryck , shooting a 88,
Thanks to Leo’s clutch putting. they shot 45 going out and 43 coming in.

Larry Hawkins and Rudy took third place with a 48 on the front and a 45 on the back nine.

Franko and Richard got fourth place on a count back, with a 94. Also coming in with a 94 were the pair of Jean Lambert and Scotty Russell .

the tournament organizers Ed Kennedy and Brian McCallum shot a 51 on the front and a 49 on the back for an even 100.

All the teams scored better on the back nine, must be the warmer weather.


Seniors Thursday golf windup

sept 10th 2015

seniors thursday windup golf and lunch.

2 man scramble was the game of the day with each player having to use, two of his drives on each nine.

all players played from the red tees.
Starting on # one were the pairings of Wayne Thomas and Scotty Russell, and Ray Laquerre and Richard Lampi.
The other pairings were Brian McCallum and Harold Mosley, Jean Lambert and Don MacDonald,
Ed Kennedy and Ron Speck, Jerry Cripps and George Coulson, Pete Barna and Steve Splawski
and the final pairing of Vern Herbert and Allan Bruyere.

Jerry and George carried the day with a 73 and had 3 birdies on the day.

Wayne and ScottyScotty before

Scotty after turned in a 74 with 2 birdies.

Vern and Allan shot a 38 on the front and a 39 on the back nine for a 77, they had 1 birdie on # 1.

Ed and Ron shot a 40 and a 38, turning in a 78.

Ray and Richard shot a 36 on the front and took a 43 on the back for a total of 79. they had 3 birdies as well.

Coming in with an 80 were Jean and Don, shooting a 38 and a 42 with one birdie.

the pairing of Brian and Harold shot a 40 and a 42 for a total of 82, with one birdie on the day.

Pete and Steve shot a pair of 42’s for a grand score of 84, the had a birdie on # 6 on the front nine.

After the golf all of the players enjoyed an excellent chicken wing lunch at Motown, thanks for looking after us for the season.

Seniors Thursday golf will continue until Little Falls Golf Course closes.

Over the next few weeks we will feature some of the players from the Thursday Senior Group

Sept 3 2015 Seniors Thursday

Seniors golf Thursday sept 3 2015

the golf started at 9;30 this morning instead of the usual 9 am start.
With the season winding down 15 seniors took advantage of the nice sunny day to play.

The format was a scramble, playing from the red tees all day. Each golfer had to use 4 drives on the day.
Ed made up the teams, 5 teams of three golfers each.
Ed, Jean and Brian,
Rudy, Barry and Harold,
Larry, Pete and Richard,
Ray, Don and Scotty,
George, Vern and Jerry made up the fifth team.
The low round of the day was turned in by Ron Speck (Rudy), Barry Anderson and Harold Mosley, with a 67.

Second were Ray Laquerre, Don MacDonald and Scotty Russell. their score was 71.

Third place went to Ed Kennedy, Jean Lambert and Brian McCallum turned in a 74.

In fourth place came the team of Pete Barna, Larry Brown and Richard Lampi with a score of 77.

The team of George Coulson, Vern Herbert and Jerry Cripps did not turn in their card and were given fifth place.

The windup golf and lunch will take place on Sept 10th with golf starting at 9:30 and the lunch after golf is finished.