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Mixed Seniors at Treasure hills

March 4th 2015

Treasure hills had a reprieve from an onslot of golfers from the LaCopa as only 4 golfers came.

We measured the distance around the front nine we normally play, it turned out to be 2.98 miles,
riding the cart and staying on the cart path most of the way.

We have never seen a person with a pull cart on the course, the distance would be a healthy walk for nine holes.
I think 18 holes would be a tough round of golf.

When Joyce, Sid and I arrived Arthur was already on the Driving range hitting a bucket of balls.

The weather was a pleasant 70 degree or so and everyone played steady golf .
No one had monster scores on any hole as we have been having the last few weeks.

Joyce shot her best round (55) at treasure hills today. this is a long course even from the forward tees.

Richard stayed in the fairway most of the time and ended with a 48.

Sid shot a 47 with six 5’s on the round after a seven on the second hole, which is a par five.

Arther had the best round of the day with a 45 which did not please him to much, He has parred the front nine in the past.

Hopefully next week we will have all of the remaining golfers heathy and ready to play.

spider at treasure hills 2


Treasure Hills Feb 25th

Feb 25th treasure hills

The sun came out today and slowly warmed up the valley, and by our tee time of 3:00pm at treasure hills,
the temperature was up to a balmy 64 degrees. It was breezy for the first couple of holes, then the wind died down.

The teams were just about the same as last week with Sid, Joyce, Harry and Jo making up Team # two.

Team # 3 was the same as last week with Gerry, Bill and Arthur.

Team # 1 was the first out, made up of Don, Keith and Richard.

There were only 10 golfers out compared to 19 last week. Three of the golfers from last week.
Doug Mazor, Bob Thorson and Frank Simpson headed back to the great white north above the 49th parallel.
Jerry Pape stayed at home with George Coulson.
The Kline’s, Fred and Dorothy along with Bob and Dee Martintoni left some birdies at Tony Butler and went back to try to find them.

Keith started out with a bang with a birdie on the first hole (the only birdie scored by the group), he was cruising along until he
took an 8 on hole # 6 the finished with a 44 for the Lowest score of the day.

Richard played the first two holes in great fashion scoring a 7 then a 9 before settling down to finish with a 49 on the day,
the only thing that saved him was his putter.

Don played steady golf and turned in a score of 52.
This was Don’s last chance to shine as he and his better half Donna leave in the morning for Sunny Florida.

The foursome of Harry, Jo, Sid and Joyce.
Harry shot a 9 on # 2 and 8 on # 8 but finished with a 52.
Jo and Joyce shot 60 nd 61 for the day.
Sid had pars on both of the par three holes and turned in a 49 for the day.

Bill was looking for his first score under 50 until he reached the tough # 9 where he took a nine and finished with a 52 on the day.

Gerry was playing nice steady golf and met her Waterloo on hole # 9 where she matched Bill’s 9. her final score was a 58.

Arthur was not himself today as he shot a 47, he did have 4 pars on his round.

Honors for the day went to team #1 with a team score of 39.
Team #2’s score was a 45 and Team 3 turned in a 46.

Pictures from Treasure Hills

Theses are the team pictures taken on Feb. 18th before starting the golf.

The first team to tee off were gone before I could take a picture of them, the rest I did get.

George Coulson    Richard Lampi    Bob Thorson    Don Reisberg

George Coulson, Richard Lampi, Bob Thorson, Don Reisberg


Gerry Busch, Bill Stewart, Linda and Arthur Barnett


Harry LaCore, Jo LaCore, Sid Bina, Joyce Foy


Bob Martintoni, Dee Martintoni, Dorothy Kline, Fred Kline

Sunday morning golf

Cottonwood golf:

Sunday morning golf for Don Reisberg proved to be one of the best rounds of the year for him.

He was one over par after 7 holes then on # 8, the toughest hole on the course he took a five,
then finished his round with a par on nine, for a great 30, tying the 30 he shot back on jan 19th of this year.
congrats Don.

Rounding out the foursome were George Coulson, Gary Cook and Richard Lampi.

Richard salvaged a 34 after hitting the ball into the water on # 7.

George and Gary turned in 37’s for the day.

Keith Bess, Tim Andrews and Doug Mazor went and played at treasure hills and had nice weather to play.

Doug is headed north in the next day or two, depends on the road conditions as he is going into the wrath of winter in Winnipeg, Man.
Have a safe trip home.

Tim Will be headed towards the east as he is going to Florida to check out the weather there.

Ron and Cathy head back to Sparta, Wis. on Tuesday, They heard a rumor that spring was headed that way. Cathy will leave Ron there to fend for himself as she will be going over to Florida with her sister.

Frank Simpson leaves today (Monday) for Saskatchewan, and so the migration north begins.

Treasure Hills Feb. 18th 2015

Full Sunshine and a very light breeze greeted 19 Golfers From the LaCopa Group, to Treasure Hills Golf Club.

This is the largest number of players making the weekly trek to this Golf course on the east side of Harlingen Tx

The teams were made up before going to the Treasure Hills today.

The format used was, the players picked who they wanted to play with.
The first team was made up of Joyce Foy, Sid Bina , Harry and Jo DeCore, for today we will call them Joyce’s team.

The Keith Bess team had Tim Andrews, Doug Mazor and Jerry Pape.

Fred’s Team made up of Fred Kline and his wife Dorothy, Bob Martintoni and his better half Dee.

Bill Stewart Gerry Busch along with Arthur Barnett made up Bill’s team. Arthur’s wife came along for moral support.

The last team of Don Reisberg, Richard Lampi, George Coulson and newcomer Bob Thorson,
this teams is named after its oldest player who happens to be George, therefore, George’s team.

Scoring for today’s game, Each players score were recorded , so they could have their score at the end of the day.
The best score recorded on each hole was used to count to the team score.

Joyce’s team scored a 44 on the team score. Harry was one of three players to record a 9 on the way to a 55.
Joyce had 5 7’s and turned in a 56 for the round. Jo also had 5 7’s and a couple higher ones for a final score of 61
Sid had 3 pars and finished up with a solid 45.

Fred’s team had a team score of 40 which tied them for second. Fred led his team with a 44 with 2 pars,
Bob and Dee both shot 47’s with two pars each. Dorothy had a par on hole 3 to go with her five 7’s for 55 on the day.

Keith’s team total was also 40 to tie Fred’s team for second. Keith led his team with a 42 scoring a birdie and three pars.
Tim had three pars and finished with a 45. Doug had five 6’s and a par, his total was a 49.
Jerry had a bunch of 8’s and his total for the day was a 67.

George’s team tied for first on the team score with a 39. Don and Richard tied for high hole score with Harry, each having a 9.
Don’s final tally was a 55, Richard scored a 45, George a 52 and Bob led the team with a 44.

Bill’s team tied George’s team with a 39.
Bill started his game with some lofty scores, he settled down in the middle holes, then back to the lofty ones on the final two holes, his total was 62.
Gerry had six 7’s and finished with a fitting 57. Arthur had the best round of the day with two birdies, three pars for a great 39.

congrats to all the players.
Note: Pictures taken on this day will be posted over the next few days.

treasure hills again

Wednesday golf at treasure hills

the golfers best friend
golfers best friend

Sixteen Golfers from the LaCopa Inn group took part in our Wednesday seniors golf tour.
Each golfer picked a colored tee from a basket to make up the teams. Just the luck of the draw to see who you’re playing partner was.

the first team out of the blocks were George Coulson, Ron Simpson, Harry DeCore and Jerry Pape.
Now you may think that golf is a simple game of hitting the ball
into a small hole in the middle of a large sloping green with very short grass on it.

Team #1 thought that when they were on # 1 tee, and looked up the fairway, it took them a total of 30 strokes
to get all of the balls in that little hole.

Hole 1 is a straight away par 4, 356 yards long, from the gold tees.

Team 2, Keith Bess, Frank Simpson, Nancy Rhulow and Gerry Busch had great confidence in their game and proceeded to tie Team 1
with a combined score of 30.

Team # 3 made up of Gary Cook, Richard Lampi, Arthur Barnett and Doug Mazor, played # 1 with a total score of 23.

Team # 4 of Joyce Foy, Don Riesberg, Bill Stewart and Sid Bina, took 24 strokes to finnish the hole.

There were no Birdies on the day. Ron Simpson had the best round of the day with a 45 on his card. Sid Bina and Arthur barnett were tight on Ron’s heals with 46’s.

Honors of the day goes to team 3 with a combined average score of 48.7. Second with an average of 50.2 were team 4.
Team # 1 averaged 53.2 and team 2 had an average of 54.2.

The High scores on the first hole can be blamed on nerves, playing in front of a lot of people.

The last hole of the day, a short tough par 4, had results were much the same, on this hole everyone was tired and can use that as an excuse.
Team scores on Hole 9 a 31 from team # 1,.. a 29 for team # 2, … a 26 from team 3 and a 23 for team # 4.

Some notable scores were recorded, Jerry Pape turned in a 61 for the day.
Harry Decore took the high hole honor, with a 10 recorded on his card on # 9.

The fast greens took a toll on most of the golfers, with many puts going past the hole.