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Group golfing for fun

I belong to a mixed group of senior golfers (Winter Texans) who play every friday. We generally play on a par three coarse where we have negotiated a group rate for nine holes.
We are always looking for some variations to the game to play which will include everyone and does not require a handicap. Not everyone plays enough rounds to get one and some of them do not care as they are not real competitive golfers.
This past week we played in four man groups with each player playing his own ball and keeping the score on a community card, this way each player gets to have his or her scores at the end of the day.
Only the best score on a hole is taken for the group on each hole, this goes to see which group gets the bragging rights for the day.
In order to reduce the stacking of teams, we put 4 tees of red, white, blue, green, yellow, into a basket. Each player draws to find out what team they will be on for that day.
All the birdies are bring great fanfare as they are rare accomplishments and are recorded for the end of the season windup.