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The begining of golf

I do not think anyone really can say when the game of golf was first played, but there are many stories about the start, Robin Williams has a great story about the start of golf.

The Scott’s who are given credit for the game, organized a club in St. Andrews, Scotland in 1754 and called it the Society of St. Andrews Golfers.

Some 70 years of developing and expanding the game, King Willam 1V  became a patron of the club, and the name was changed to The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

I had an opertunity to see this golf club and it is really a historic place.


The Masters Round One is in the books

The Leaders after the first round is full of the young guns on the tour. There are a couple of tour veterans there too, not far back are the big guns lurking .

T1      J. Rose               -4
T1     T.Immelman     -4
T3     B. Bateman        -3
T3     B. Snedeker       -3
T3     L. Westwood     -3
T6     I. Poulter           -2
T6     R. Karlsson        -2
T6     Z. Johnson         -2
T6     S. Ames             -2
T6     J. Furyk            -2

Will they still be there after Round Two??

Ben Crenshaw is the only first round  leader who went on to win the Masters, he did this in 1984 .

All of the other first round leaders have fell by the wayside.