Seniors Golf at Little Falls Golf Club

team 4


team 2

team 1Senior Thursday golf.

Thursday golf at 9:00 AM. Open to all members 50 and over.

this is the third week into the season of Thursday golf, the first week (June 5th) saw only 9 golfers braving the cool and wet weather that has plagued us this spring. The greens were in bad shape with lots of winter kill from the very cold weather and lots of snow.

Week two (June 10th) was rained out.
Today the weather was nice, partly cloudy with a slight breeze in the morning. 13 golfers who showed up to play.
The greens showed a lot of improvement from opening day which was the 27th of May, but it will take another few weeks to be in good shape.
The format for the day was best ball with each golfers tee shots used 2 times.
Team one (72) Leo Lamarche, Pete Barna, Gerry Crips and Dave Livicker.
This was Dave’s last Seniors Thursday before moving to the Calgary area, to be closer to his family. We will miss your wit and your unique prospective of the game.
Team two (72) Harold Mosley, Brian McCallum jr. and Richard Lampi
Team three (73) Steve Splawski, Wayne Thomas and Ron (Rudy) Speck
Team four (79) George Coulson, Jean Lambert and Brian McCallum sr.
On the day there was 8 birdies and one eagle scored and a few other things marked down on the score sheets.

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