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Do golf shoes really make that much of a differnece?

Spartan Golfer asked:

I just got some golf shoes (my first pair ever) and when I am using them on the course, they don’t seem to be making a diffence from my normal running shoes that I’d previously been using.

I was watching the Golf Channel one time and some old pro who always used metal spikes was forced to use soft spikes at some tournament. He said that he was literally slipping and sliding during his swing.

I’m not sure, do they?
I know that’s what they’re supposed to do, but I don’t feel any difference between shoes.


golf tournament question?

Michael asked:

Coming up this weekend is our annual club championship at our golf club. This year the powers that be have decided to make a seniors sub division. Seniors are allowed all year long to tee off from the “seniors tee box” but this year if they want to use the closer tee box they will only be able to compete in the sub division. If they would like a chance at the title they will not be able to use the tee boxes they’ve used all year long. What do you guys think about this arrangement?

Should I wear my golf shoes of the course? Do people normally bring a change of shoes?

J W asked:

I’m going golfing with my boss tomorrow for the first time. I am not sure when I should wear my golf shoes. Should they be worn only on the grass or can I wear them throughout? Should I change before and after playing?

Thanks for your help!

No Tryouts for College Golf?

David asked:

I am an avid golfer and a senior in high school and capitan of the golf team. I am around a 4 handicap and have a lot of potential (been playing seriously for about 3 years). So I want to play college golf and will most likely get into my first choice school without golf on my resume. When I told the golf coach at the school that I was interested and asked him if there would be tryouts he responded:

At this time, I have received commitments for all my open rosters spots for the 2007-08 year. Because of athletic department policies, I am limited to the number of players I can carry on my team. Since I anticipate having a full roster for next year, I would not have the need to conduct walk-on tryouts.

My question is, is the coach serious, or does he just not feel like getting involved with a player he knows little about. It seems like I should be able to at least practice with the team my freshman year before playing in the tournaments… What do you think?

For some reason whenever I hit a golf ball it hits to the right. Any reasons why and how can I fix it?

Jimbo asked:

When I hit the golf ball with a driver or an iron, it almost always goes to the right of where I aimed by like 40 degrees approximately. I can aim the ball properly with the putter but when it comes to using the iron or driver it goes well over to the right… why? How can I fix it?