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Delay on the start of the season Due to the CoVid19 virus

The golf course was in fine shape after the winter, there was very little winter kill on the greens and the fairways were in great shape.

With the safety regulations that came with CoVid19, no golfers were allowed on the golf course.

Other clubs in the District, Delayed their opening until they could ensure the safety of the workers and golfers as well.

When the course did open for play, each golfer had to have a tee time booked, ride alone on his or her cart and golfers were started 20 minutes apart. On the green the cups had a sponge ring around the pin so no ball could drop into the hole, this safety measure ensured that no one had to disinfect the pins in between the player. The next step on the greens saw the cups put in upside down and the sponge ring was removed, this allowed the ball to fall partway into the hole but not enough to warrant touching the pin, this satisfied the golfers.

Senior men’s golf started on June 18th with all the protocols in place, 14 golfers took part and played best ball.

Team #1 was Brian McCallum sr, Ed Kennedy, Brent Dyck and Ron Speck. they turned in a lightning shortened round of 73.

Team # 2 With Franco Calvelli, Alan Bruyere, Richard Lampi and Harry Bruyere ( his first round in 14 years). they had a 71 with a lightning shortend round.

Jean Lambert headed up team #3 with Vern Hebert and Herb Rhorig turning in a 72.

Team # 4 consisting of Scotty Russell, Roy Decorte and Ray Laquerre shot a 5 birdie round and recorded a 68 and won the bragging rights for the day, well done guys. they completed their round beating the rain and lightning.


Little Falls summer golf season.

Senior Thursday morning golf for those 50+ yearsold.

14 golfers toured the course Playing Scramble golf, each player had to use 2 of thier drive on the front nine and the back nine, all played from the red tees.

Jerry Cripps team of Dave Warren, Scottie Russell and Vern Herbert toured the course in 74 strokes good for a tie for first place.

Jean Lambert’s team also shot a 74 to share the weekly honors, Franco Calvelli, Ed Kennedy and Richard Lampi made up this team.

Wayne Thomas, Brent Johnson and Brian McCallum made up team three and the put up a score of 83 to take second place.

Ray Laquerre along with Ray Carlson and Allen Bruyerre took a total of 86 stroked to get around the course.

The course was damp so there was very little roll of the ball when it hit the ground, the greens showed some winter kill but for the most part were in good shape

week three LaCopa league seniors mixed golf

Tony Gaudagnollo and his Wife Bev along with Richard Lampi made up the red team and teed off first at the Cottonwood golf course. the temperature was a nice pleasant 65 degree’s with partly sunny skies.

the players played regular golf, and to see who had the bragging rights for the week the total score from each team was used.

Tony shot a 40, Bev shot a 41 and Richard a 34 for a total of 115 strokes to get around the course, that was good for 3rd place.

The yellow team of Doug Mazur with a 40, Harry La Core shot a 37 and Keith Bess turned in a 35 for a team total of 112 strokes. that was good enough to take second place.

Dan Lunnesman took 34 stokes to make it around the course, Jo La Core turned in a 37 and Duane Miller scored a 37 and that added up to 108 strokes for the green team and the best score of the day.

even the nice weather and the happy attitude of the players did not produce a birdie on the day, but there was a hint of a golf club sailing through the air.

when the men are playing this what happens

Russ Desserre takes Kitchen Creek Senior Open after a 5 hole playoff.

The Rain delayed the start of Seniors open by  1 hour , after a storm soaked the course early Tuesday morning.

Some 70 golfers waited as the storm blew by, then the day turned nice for the rest of the day.


Russ Desserre teeing off on the fifth play -off hole after 18 holes left 3 players tied.

Gerry Hercum, Larry Beck and Russ all finished with score of 75.


Russ prevailed on the 5th extra hole and won the kitchen creek seniors open.

March 16th golf LaCopa Inn group

La Copa Golf League, March 16 / 2018, 11 golfers showed up to challenge the course and were met with a lot of heat, temperature wise. 

   1st picture is the blue team of Dwayne 35, Sandra 43, Keith 30, and Bill 46.  

the team score was a 29, keith shot the low round of the day with a 30, very nice round Keith.

   2nd picture is the white team of Howard 39, Gerry 35, and Jim with a 42, the team score was 33.    

   3rd picture is the red team of Dianna 36, Joyce 34, Marj (caddy), Teresa 40, and Tracey with a 38.  With a team score of 32 put them in second place for the day.

Dianna was the most consistent golfer of the day, she scored a 4 on every hole for a round of 36. No other golfer has been able to record the same score on every one of the nine holes this winter season.

 The heat here is a little too much, 92 F today and with the humidity it felt like 95 F and unbearable in the sun. 

               Your faithful reporter  Howard

Thanks to Howard for the Pictures and Gerry for sending along the Score Cards.

Golf at Tony butler

The cold weather left the Rio Grande valley and the golfers came out of hiding to play a round or two.

Doug Mazur shown in the picture is hitting his second shot on hole # 9 ,  Keith Bess is sitting in the cart.

The picture was taken from about 80 yards away with a  cell phone.

On the 18 hole round, Doug shot a 96, Keith shot a 84 and Richard Lampi turned in a 92 on the day


Cottonwood golf, march 10th










The picture above shows that there is golf in March in Northwestern Ontario, showing Max Clement and Ray Lacqerre at the Driftwood Classic on the Flood Waters .


The weekly Friday LaCopa league golf continued this week, the day was warm and humid from the rainy days of Tues,Wed,and Thursday.

Even with the rain , the course was in fine shape.

Three new golfers joined the group, Bill Kozak of Thunder Bay, Clare and Rolande of Barry Ontario.

17 golfers took part in the quest of trying to get the bragging rights for the week. the blue team of Gerry Busch, Clare LeFave and Harry LaCore took the top spot with a team score of 31.

The Red team of Bill Kozak, Rolande LeFave, Sandra Olson and Jo LaCore turned in a 33,
good for a tie for second with the Green team made up of Tony Guadagnolo, Bill Stewart and Joyce Foy.

the all male Pink team of Duane Miller with his Son Gary, Howard Stewart and Keith Bess shot a team score of 34.

Tracy Andrews lead his Team mates Bev Guadagnolo and Dianna Stewart to a team score of 35.

Clare LeFave shot the only birdie of the day on hole # 7, a 95 yarder. Congratulations Clare.

the best individual scores for the ladies were Jo LaCore and Joyce Foy with 36.

For the men it was Keith, Howard and Harry turning in 35’s on the round.

Senior Thursday Golf group windup

Sept 8th 2016

Windup for the thursday seniors golf, with 15 golfers taking part.

Scheduling a golf outing in September is a crap shoot at the best of times, this
year for the 5 days leading up to the windup golf and dinner the weather forecast was for
rain all day. even up to 8 am it looked like rain but the golf gods had pity on us and the sky
started to clear and by the time we teed off at 9am , the weather was good.

Thanks to Ed Kennedy for organizing the teams every week and for looking after the
winners and losers all summer.
Thanks to Pete Barna for taking care of the prizes for the event.

thanks also goes to Motown for a great meal at the end of the day.
for the wind-up players were grouped by handicap , the highest with the lowest two-man teams
combining their scores and deducting their handicap.

The team of Jean Lambert and Richard Lampi took the top honors with a net score of 148.
the team of Scotty Russell and Wayne Thomas, tied for second, with the team of Franko Calvelli George Coulson
with a net score of 151.
Coming in third place was the threesome of Brian McLeod, Harold Mosley and Ted McLeod with a net score of 160.

claiming the fourth spot with a net of 168 were Jerry Cripps and Steve Splowski. Steve was the oldest golfer , 87 years young.
The fifth spot was shared with two teams, Vern Herbert and Pete Barna’s team, Ed Kennedy and Brian McCallum .

Jean Lambert shot a pair of 42’s for a gross score of 84, the lowest of the day.

Wayne Thomas score a birdie on #5 and followed that with a birdie on # 6, Jerry Cripps birdied # 4, those were the only birdies scored on the day.

Senior golf on Thursday mornings will continue until the coarse is closed, with a start time of 9.30 am. for the next couple of weeks.

Mark Clark acceptance speech


Mark Clark wins the Senior mens open golf tournament in 2014

Mark had a bit of fun with this speech and Todd Bryck was the focal point .

It was a great Tournament with Leo Lamarche looking after it again, many thanks to Leo and his committee for years of great tournaments.

I did not capture all of the speech but what I did get was a classic.

Seniors golf week Three


week three seniors thursdays

Another cool and wet start for the seniors on thursday june 2nd.

But that did not deter 12 of the most hardy of golfers, from enjoying the game.

the morning started off with a slow misty rain which lasted for the first few holes, then the weather got a bit better.

The course is coming along nicely, with all of the care it is getting from staff at the golf course.

The format for the day was 4 threesomes playing a version of best ball with a few differences
off the tee all players teed off and then the best shot was selected, from there the second shot  was alternate shot,
once the tee shot was selected, one of the other two players hit the ball, then the next player hit the ball.
Once the ball was on the green then all of the players putted the ball until the ball was in the hole.

The team of Ray Laquerre, Harold Mosley and Richard Lampi had the best luck at this format and ended up with a
37 in the first nine and a 39 on the next nine for a total of 76 on the day. Ther scored one birdie during the round.

Vern Herbert, Ed Kennedy and Scotty Russell turned in a 85 on the day , good for second place.

Jean Lambert , Ted Mcleod and Wayne Thomas teed off on 1 and ended up with a score of 86 with a birdie on 11.
good for third place on the day.

Vern Craven , Allan Bruyere and Pete Barna ended the day with a 93, as they could not catch a break all day.

this format was not very popular and will not be used again as some playesr only got to hit the ball once,
or at best two times per hole.