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Driftwood Classic Winter Golf Tourament

driftwood classic players

the players in the driftwood classic from about 2004.

Max Clement has been hosting this event for many years.  The layout is for 18 holes, and depending on the weather it is sometimes shortened to only 9 holes.

the front nine is 1770 yards and the parr is 37.  The back nine is much longer and plays 2403 yards long, the par is the same as the front nine, 37.

Hole # 13 plays 500 yards long and if there is any snow on the ice it is very hard to reach. conditions must  be good to play the 18 holes.

You can walk the course, use a 4 wheeler or a snow machine to get around.


This Golfer has murder on his mind

This picture was taken on the tee off on #7 at Little Falls Golf Club.

You can see the intent of the golfer, as he winds up, with a big club is to destroy the little White ball.
By the way,those balls do not care if you hit them hard or soft , they will go where they want to.

Vern Herbert Tee off on # 7 2

note : the ball found its way into the jack pine forest on the left of the fairway.

Senior Golf July 23/ 15

Seniors golf for July 23 2015

Each Thursday seniors golf starts at 9;00 am.

This week we are playing 2 man teams , Holes # 1 to hole # 6 will be played as alternate shot from the White tees.

The second 6 holes ( 7 through 13) will be a scramble from the red tees.

The final 6 holes ( 13 to 18) will be best ball . each golfer will have to use three drives.

As some of the golfers normally play from the red tees, some would be quite happy to play from the white tees or even the forward tees.

The Last of the Golf at Cottonwood this Year

the last day of friday golf for the LaCopa Friday League.
Here is the Report From Joyce Foy, for Friday March 27th.
Just thought I’d send u the results of today’s game…..
The 3 women (Joyce, Dianna & Gerry) challenged the men
(Sid, Howard & Bill) for best team score.
Individual scores were, Joyce Foy 34, Dianna Stewart 36, and Gerry Busch 37.

Guess what….the women were the victorious with a team score of 31, and
the men had a 32. It’s evident they ran into some difficulty
without the women to cheer them on!!
Sid Bina a 36, Bill Stewart with a 38,and Howard Stewart with a 43.
The mosquitos have been out in full force this past week, and they specially l o v e Sid.
He is covered in bites from several days ago, and was attacked with a vengeance today . – He came off the coarse with blood on arms, legs, and clothing……..No wonder he was “itchy” on the way back to The LaCopa Inn.

Howard took several photos .
There are 6 of us leaving in the morning of March 28th, The Cook’s , Gary and Helen.
Dianna & Howard Stewart, Sid Bina and Joyce Foy.
Gerry & Bill leave Sunday, as does Tracey & Marge Andrews.
Anne flies out April 1st…….and that’s it for another season.

Sid made a deposit in the trash bin, his golf clubs that he used this year.
He has a set at home he will bring back next winter.

Just a note I will be posting more pictures here as time goes by, and you also will be able to follow the crew from Atikokan, from Little Falls Golf Club.

Wiew from the north

sauna in the north

While I am basking in the sun and spring like weather in the north, the LaCopa group golfers are enjoying
the nice hot weather that we all go to Texas for.
They are playing golf and I am still cleaning up the snow.

The teams for todays golf were put together by picking tees,
this works well as you never know who you are going to golf with on any given day.

Sid Bina, Gerry Busch, Tracy Andrews and Keith Bess made up the red team and they did well,
taking the honors for the week with a team score of 30.

Sid Shot a 35, Gerry a 39, Tracy ( just started golfing lately) a 48 and Keith, the low score of the days golf.

The White Team, of Joyce Foy, Dianna Steward and her mate Howard along with Bill Stewart,
took second place in the team score with a 32.

Bill shot a 42 on the day ( his Winnipeg Jets won last night and he must have been excited).
Howard shot bogey golf with a 36, Dianna turned in a 40 and Joyce shot a 38.

Thanks to Joyce for keeping me up to date so I can pass on the trials and tribulations of the golfing world.
Gary Cook and Judy Bess, who are part of the group did not golf today.

George and Betty Coulson are on their way north, with a few side trips on the way. They will find the snow is still here when the arrive home.

Cottonwood Friday Seniors Golf

march 13th
cottonwood march 13 2015
Friday the 13th is a day which some people think is bad luck, the golfers from the LaCopa
did not seem to have much bad luck.

Eleven golfers took part in the regular League play this morning with a nice pleasant day.
This is in sharp contrast to the cool wet weather, we have had over the last couple of weeks.

The Red team had Dianna, Arthur and Sid. Since there were only three players, one player had and extra shot on each hole.
Dianna had her extra shot on holes numbers 1, 4 and 7, on those 3 holes she shot, 3, 4 and 3, One over par for those holes.
Sid had holes 3, 6 and 9, his total for those three holes was 9, even par on the mid length holes.
Arthur chose the longest holes, # 2, 5 and 8. on those holes of choice, he was 2 over with 11 strokes.
Arther’s score for the day was 34, Sid had a 31, the best round of the day, (just missing the magic 30). Diana’s total for the round was a 38.
The team score was even par 27, and bragging rights for the week.

The White team made up of Howard, Joyce, Gerry and Richard.
Gerry had a great round of 35, and on the way had a birdie on # 7.
Joyce could not buy a par on the day and turned in a 39.
Howard shot a 41, his chipper was not working well today. Richard Had 3 five’s on his round of 35.

Their team score was an even 30.

The Blue team of Tracy, George, Bill and Keith Turned in team score of 31,
George had three fives’ and two pars on his card with some four’s for a 36 on the day.
Tracy is a newcomer to golf and seems to like 6’s and 5’s , his total was forty something. :))
Bill is fonder if 5’s, with seven of them. They added up to a 43.
Keith’s score at the end of the day was 35. he had a bit of trouble on # 5 and 6 which did not help his score

The Blue’s team score totaled 31.

As we are at or near the end of the LaCopa group golf for the year,
it has been great fun to write about some of the highs and lows that we have shared this year.

I will be posting some more pictures to this site so come on back and check it out from time to time.
You can leave comments or suggestions on how to improve the site.