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Senior Men’s open golf tourement at Little Falls golf club

The Senior Men’s open golf tournament was played on Aug 8th. It was opened with a moment of silence for long time tournament organizer, Leo Lamarche who  was involved in this tournament as a player and organizer for 28 years. ( he won this tournament in 1996).


Greg Tighe wins the 29th annual Seniors Open with a pair of 38’s and a total score of 76

Greg was presented the Barny Modeland Memorial Trophy, by tournament organizer Ray Laquerre


64 players from across northwestern Ontario to Alberta, took in the annual event.

Championship flight winners, Don Robertson 77, Kevin Cain 80, Mel Larson 81 on a count back.

Flight #1 winners Tim Fairburn 77, Jerry Cripps 82, Mark Clark 87 on a count back.

Flight #2 winners Franco Calvelli 82, Brian McCallum jr 85, Jim Kusick 87 on a count back.

Flight #3 winners Jean Lambert 86, Jerry Garber 87, John Krann 94.

Flight #4 winners Dave Warren 85, Reed Sherwood 87, Ron Bridgeman 88 on a count back.

Flight #5 winners Gary Braun 88, Al Holt 90, Hartley Beauregard 91.

Flight #6 winners Pat Alexander 94, Pete Barna 94, Lance Beauregard 95.

Flight #7 winners Jim Fowler 94, Richard Lampi 98, Scotty Russell 101.


Longest Drive: longest drive seniors for 50 to 70 age group, was Russ Desserre.

Alton Pollard had the longest drive of those over 70 .

Shortest Drive, Larry Ogden.

Closest to the pin on the par three holes, all were given a package of steaks donated by Foodland.

Hartley Beauregard, Don Robertson,Pete Barna.

Thanks to Maxine McCallun and Sally Speck for taking care of the Scoring and posting of the scores.

Thanks to Motown, for the great meal prepared for the event..

Thanks to all of the golf cart owners who donated their carts for the day,

and those who sponsored and/or donated to the event.


Mark Clark acceptance speech


Mark Clark wins the Senior mens open golf tournament in 2014

Mark had a bit of fun with this speech and Todd Bryck was the focal point .

It was a great Tournament with Leo Lamarche looking after it again, many thanks to Leo and his committee for years of great tournaments.

I did not capture all of the speech but what I did get was a classic.

Atikokan Oldtimers Hockey Story

The Oldtimers Hockey Story

The Winter of 1969-70 saw the first use of the arena for hockey. the first winter the ice plant had not been installed yet, so all it had been natural ice.

The Atikokan arena was built with lot of volunteers donating their time and skills to get the job done.
The Township of Atikokan donated the use of men and equipment they had to assist in the construction.
Most of the business community donated money, building materials and any other thing that was needed to get the arena built.
There were many groups who held bake sales, raffles and such to raise money to help fund the ice plant.

A group of older ex-hockey players Invited the Thunder Bay oldTimers and Fort Frances oldtimers, to come an play exhibition games to raise money to help pay for the ice plant.

In order to get in shape for these exhibition games, two teams were organized, most of the players had not played in many years.
Some of the players who played in the exhibition games did not play again in later years.

Two teams were formed to get in shape for the upcoming games with Thunder Bay and Fort Frances.
( some had played and won the Allen cup in the fifties with the Fort Frances Canadians)

Lou Graham coached and managed the team called Graham’s Wafers and Dale Lind managed and coached Lind’s Lunker’s.
The only game recorded by the Atikokan Progress, was played in february of 1970,
Graham’s Wafer’s Defeated Lind’s Lunker’s by a score of 6 to 5.
Scoring for the wafer’s were Jim Koroscil with 2 goals and Doug Tribe, Pat Pierce, Leo Lamarche, Keith Norman with one each. Jack Lewis, Jack Pierce, Jerry Zayac and Francis Milley were also on this team.

Goal scorers for Lind’s Lunker’s were Ralph Finch, Bob Prime, Finn Warren, George Roy and Omer Sampson. Al Triege, Dale Lind and Richard Kolton also played on this team.
Don Bruce refereed that first game and handed out one penalty, to Bill Hrychuk. This resulted in a penalty shot By Omer Sampson, he did not waste the opportunity and scored.
This was the first penalty shot scored in the new arena.
these two teams played a second game but I could not find any record of it.

Ed’s Cat liniment league hockey team 77-78

The players who played for Ed’s Cat during the 1977-78 season
Ed’s Cat

high speed hockey
high speed hockey

20 Ed Gouliquer
15 Sandy Morrice
14 Benty Aho
12 Andy Olson
11 Dennis Kitzul
10 Ed Wright
9 Charlie Viddal
8 Allan Reere
7 Lynn Allen
6 Ron Bazinet
5 Leo Lamarche
4 Jerry Duhamel
3 Irving Herr
2 Gabby Gamache
1 Gary Reid

October seniors golf

Seniors golf Oct 1st 2015

Todd Bryck
Todd Bryck

12 golfers took part in the regular seniors Thursday golf , starting at 9:30 am on Oct. 1st 2015

It was a nice cool fall day with the sun shining. The temp was about 10 degrees C at tee off and warmed up to about 15 degrees by 1:30 pm when the golf was finished and a mild wind blowing around.

The format for the day was 2 man teams playing alternate shots from tee to finishing out on the green.
The long hitters off the tee, played the odd number holes because they are generally the longest holes to play.
The shorter hitters played the even number holes which include the parr three holes.

Leading the scoring parade were Ray Laquerre and Pete Barna. they scored 19 after the first 3 holes, ( the only 8 scored on the day), they then parred the next 6 holes for a 43 on the front nine.
They had two birdies (only birdies on the day) on the back nine and turned in a 37 for a total of 80.

Eight strokes back for second place were the pair of Leo Lamarche and Todd Bryck , shooting a 88,
Thanks to Leo’s clutch putting. they shot 45 going out and 43 coming in.

Larry Hawkins and Rudy took third place with a 48 on the front and a 45 on the back nine.

Franko and Richard got fourth place on a count back, with a 94. Also coming in with a 94 were the pair of Jean Lambert and Scotty Russell .

the tournament organizers Ed Kennedy and Brian McCallum shot a 51 on the front and a 49 on the back for an even 100.

All the teams scored better on the back nine, must be the warmer weather.

Golf season is coming to an end at Little Falls Golf Club

Little Fall Golf Coarse closes for the season on October 1st again this year.

It does not mean the end of golf , just that the clubhouse is closed and the locker area will will be closed.

The season was hit and miss during May, June and part of July  due to poor weather conditions.

The greens suffered bad damage from the severe winter and the late spring did not help .

The Seniors group, made up of some very hardy  golfers survived the early bad weather only missed one Thursday and that was due to heavy rain and lightning.










Left to Right  Leo Lamarche, Steve Splawski, Richard Lampi and Harold Mosley

we were the early finishers on this day