The Chase for a 30 at Cottonwood golf course

March 7th Cottonwood

The Cottonwood Golf Course which is a 9 hole par 27 layout. If you are playing from the White tees,
you are looking at total yardage of 1245 yards. The holes range from 95 to 200 yards in length.
From the red tees it is 1060 yards, with the longest hole measuring 160 yards and the shortest is 85 yards.

The quest for the rest of the time we have here, is to try and shoot a 30 or better.

Today Richard had a run for a 30 as he was at 23 after 7 holes then took a 5 on #8 and a 4 on #9 for a 32.

George only had one 5 on his card, turning in a 34, for a nice solid round.

Sid had a bit of trouble with his chipping and took 5’s on l#7,8,and nine to finish with a 38.

Joyce Started out with a par on #1, then had 4’s and 5’s on the remainder of her round for a total of 41.
Putting on some of the greens is difficult as some are a bit rough.

Foggy, misty morning

March 4th. Cottonwood

With Time running short for some golfers, Three of the hardy golfers left the warm confines of the LaCopa Inn, to chalange the elements to play golf.

The day started out as foggy and some light drizzle, and as the round continued the weather improved to a nice day for golf.

Sid, Richard, George and Arthur, Teed of at 10 AM at Cottonwood. There were very few other golfers on the course.

Richard Played steady golf with a 5 on the second hole and bogey golf with a Trio of pars to finish with a 34.

Arther shot a 32 paring 5 holes and had 3 bogies and one double bogey on his round.

George had trouble finding pars today and his chipper was not co-operating so he turned in a 38 on the day.

Sid played the first seven holes with 5 pars and 2 bogies, his score was 23 at that point. He had visions of scoring, that elusive under 30 score.

On # 8 his drive hit the pond and his dream of a sub 30 round was stating to fade,
he finished the hole with a 6, to bring his score to 29.

Walking up to the ninth tee he said all he needed to do is get a hole in one,
but his tee shot went left and when he was finished he had a five, and a 34 on the round.

Sunshine Country Club Estates

On a nice sunny afternoon,George Coulson, Gary Cook and Richard Lampi Went over to Sunshine Estates where Derek McFee lives to play some golf.

Sunshine estates 9 hole par 27 harlingen tx

It is a nine-hole par 27 course built into sunshine estates park.

The holes vary in length from 80 yards to 161 yards.

It is a nice course with sand traps and water to make playing very interesting.

Derek took us around and pointed out all of the hazards.

There are six sand traps and the water is in play on Five holes.

According to Derek, as first time player on this course we were allowed a “Mulligan” on the first hole if we hit it into the water, of course we did, hit into the water.

Thanks to our gracious host, Derek, who shot a 36, George turned in a 33, Richard had a birdie on # 7 and finished with a 30, Gary shot a 42.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon, with a tour of the facilities and the golf, with nice warm weather, which has been somewhat lacking the last few days.

Little Falls Golf Club

Now that some of our golfers have headed back home, and over the next month all will have left the warmth of Texas.

I thought a picture of the signature hole on the golf course that Joyce, Gary, George and I call home would be fitting. It is a dogleg left about 400 yards from the blue tees.
The elevation from the tee to green is about 100 feet, and a very nice view of the school in the background.

This is what it will look like in about 3 months lol

Tee off on # 7 our signature hole

Introducing the Chief security officer at the LaCopa Inn

These are the kind of things that happens when nobody plays golf, they have too much time on their hands and get into all kinds of high jinks.

Today marks the first day of Sid’s (Syd) term, as the one and only security officer For the LaCopa Inn.

His First task was to dust the envelope For fingerprints, which contained his new tee-shirt.

He wants to know who the perpetrators were in the purchase of the said Tee shirt.

Not that he paused much to solve that crime, He tried to arrest Jean, but forgot where he put the handcuffs that he used to threaten Joyce with for her pointing which way to go, on their travels around the city.

Chief Syd

Feb 11th scores Treasure Hills

treasure hills

Team 1
George Coulson 52
Ron Simpson 45
Harry DeCore 55
Jerry Pape 61
Aveage score 53.2

Team 2
Keith Bess 48
Frenk Simpson 54
Nancy Rhulow 58
Gerry Busch 57

Average score 54.2
Team 3
Arthur Barnett 46
Richard lampi 50
Gary Cook 51
Doug Mazor 48

Average score 48.7
Team 4
Joyce Foy 56
Don Reisberg 50
Bill Stewart 49
Sid Bina 46

Average score 50.2

Cottonwood morning golf

cottonwood morning golf

Tuesday morning golf saw the group of Don, George, Richard and Sid head out to Cottonwood golf course
for their morning fix of joy and frustration.
Sid scored 5 pars in route to a 32, to edge out Richard who shot 33.
George Birdied # 2 with a 8 footer. his score for the day was a 37.
Don played bogey golf turning in a 36.

Thursday started out nice and warm for the first 8 holes with very slight breeze,
When we got to the 9th tee a cold front came though from the north and the wind picked up to a dull roar.
The temperature dropped 10 degrees in about 5 minutes, that is what happens here in south Texas.

George led the way with a 33 with another birdie on # 4, Don turned in a solid round of 35 and Richard had a 37.
Gary was out but had to withdraw after playing the first 7 holes, his score up to then was a 29.
Don’s new knee was put to the test, the wind took his plastic bag for his shoes for a tour of the yard.
Don chased it down and said that is the first time he has run in twenty years, his new knee worked really well.

Sunny Tuesday

feb 10th 15

Well, today the golf course belonged to George, on his tee shot one the first hole he hit a towering drive and nobody seen where it went.
All four of us spread out to see if we could find it, Found it in the least likely place .. on the green.
about 8 feet from the hole. George promptly holed it out for a birdie.
George again took center stage on hole # 8 when he hit a screamer into the pond, skipped the ball on the water to the rocks on the other side, hit the rocks and the ball bounced up into the air and down the middle of the fairway. (In Golf it does not matter how it gets there..)
He scored a 4 there, parred # 9 and took home a score of 31, with no 5’s on any hole.

Gary played steady golf with 5 pars and one 5, turned in a score of 32, a very nice round.

We all played good golf most of the day, Don misplaced his drive on #5 into the water but recovered for a 5.
On # 8 he scratched out a 5 and turned in a 35 for the day.
Richard played steady golf until # 8 where he took a five, chipped in for a birdie on nine to tie George’s 31

We all went and put our clubs in the van, closed the back door and George was left standing there with one golf shoe on one foot, a running shoe on the other foot, His bag with the shoes in was in the car….
We don’t know if he played the whole round like that or not…

Senior Golf League

Feb. 6th LaCopa friday’s
getting ready to go golfing

We had the best turn out ever for the LaCopa League today, with 23 players taking part.

We were missing, Gary Cook, Jerry Miller and Howard Stewart. hope they will be out next week.

there were some new faces today, Fred and his Wife Dorothy Kline, Harry and Jo LaCore,
Dee Martintoni and her husband Robert.

The weather was not bad but the sun was nowhere to be seen.

To make up the teams , each player picked a tee from Joyce’s basket of different colour Tees,
which made up the foursome.

Team 1, Bill Rhulow, Doug Mazor, Dianna Stewart and Judy Bess.
Team 2, Bill Stewart, Harry LaCore and by the luck of the draw he got to play with his Wife Jo and Dee Martintoni.
Team 3, Dorothy Kline, Gerry Busch, Frank Simpson and George Coulson.
Team 4, Joyce Foy, Don Reisberg and Keith Bess.
Team 5, Sid Bina, Fred Kline, Richard Lampi and Nancy Rhulow.
Team 6, Jerry Pape, Arthur Barnett, Ron Simpson and Robert Martintoni.

At the end of the day two of the teams ended in a tie for the bragging rights for the day.

Team # 5 Shot a 27 with one bogey and one Birdie for the round
Team # 6 had 9 pars for a round of 27.
Team # 4 had a 28 made up of 1 birdie, 2 bogey’s and the rest pars.
Team # 3 parred the first 8 holes then had a bogey on the last hole for a 28
The # 2 team, had the most birdies of the day (2) 3 pars and 4 bogey’s for a score of 29.
Team # 1 shot a 32 with 4 pars and 5 bogey’s on the day.

Next week we plan on going over to Treasure Hills golf club at 3 pm for a round of 9 holes. If you are interested, contact Bill Stewart as he is organizing that outing.

Next Friday at Cottonwood we will be playing ” roll the Dice” and that can be a lot of fun or it can be a challange.

I will be posting Team pictures over the next few days so come back and look at them.

The History of Golf


What do you think makes the game of golf unique?
It involves striking a ball with a club, cross country, into a hole.
No other early club and ball game had these three essential elements of golf.

Many countries have claimed the origins of golf. The Chinese and the Dutch have both claimed to have created the game of golf.
The Dutch had a courtyard club and ball game and another game played on ice where the ball was propelled towards a post.
Meanwhile, centuries ago, the Chinese played a game using equipment remarkably similar to golf clubs, apparently to hit a ball into a hole in courtyards. However, it is only in Scotland that the three essential elements of golf were met.

The game of golf can be traced to Scotland. In 1457, parliament banned the game so that more time would be spent on archery practice, which was necessary for Scotland’s defence at the time.
Following the 1501 repeal of the ban, the game prospered. The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers was the world’s first golf club, organized in 1744.

They should have left the ban on the game.

I think it would be easier to hit a deer running at 20 miles per hour at 30 yards, than it is to hit the golf ball many times to get 450 yards down the fairway and into a little hole in the ground. not to mention the hazzards that go long with the game, hooks, slices, sand traps, water, dubs, and not looking at the ball when you are tying to hit it.

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