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Temperate Zone Golf

golf in the temperate zone ( This is the zone we are in, the temperature can be 32°F (0°C) and 85° F, (32° C) in the afternoon).
today is May 12th and we had 2″ of snow on the ground this morning. This is not good if you are playing with white balls, and men don’t generally carry around coloured ones in their golf bags.
Just to bring everyone up to date , Little Falls Golf Course opened to pull carts on May 4th and to golf carts on Wednesday, May 6th.
George Coulson, Bob Thorson and I played on Saturday. The scores were not real good for Richard and Bob.
The weather was pleasant, not what you would call warm, but not cold.
The ball did not carry very well but everyone who was out, enjoyed just being on the course.
The Greens are in better shape this year than they were last year. Most of the greens were covered for the winter and survived very well.
George hit the ball well and had a good round, He is using a short putter this year and it is working for him.
This is not one of our shots but it is close.


Sunny Tuesday

feb 10th 15

Well, today the golf course belonged to George, on his tee shot one the first hole he hit a towering drive and nobody seen where it went.
All four of us spread out to see if we could find it, Found it in the least likely place .. on the green.
about 8 feet from the hole. George promptly holed it out for a birdie.
George again took center stage on hole # 8 when he hit a screamer into the pond, skipped the ball on the water to the rocks on the other side, hit the rocks and the ball bounced up into the air and down the middle of the fairway. (In Golf it does not matter how it gets there..)
He scored a 4 there, parred # 9 and took home a score of 31, with no 5’s on any hole.

Gary played steady golf with 5 pars and one 5, turned in a score of 32, a very nice round.

We all played good golf most of the day, Don misplaced his drive on #5 into the water but recovered for a 5.
On # 8 he scratched out a 5 and turned in a 35 for the day.
Richard played steady golf until # 8 where he took a five, chipped in for a birdie on nine to tie George’s 31

We all went and put our clubs in the van, closed the back door and George was left standing there with one golf shoe on one foot, a running shoe on the other foot, His bag with the shoes in was in the car….
We don’t know if he played the whole round like that or not…

The History of Golf


What do you think makes the game of golf unique?
It involves striking a ball with a club, cross country, into a hole.
No other early club and ball game had these three essential elements of golf.

Many countries have claimed the origins of golf. The Chinese and the Dutch have both claimed to have created the game of golf.
The Dutch had a courtyard club and ball game and another game played on ice where the ball was propelled towards a post.
Meanwhile, centuries ago, the Chinese played a game using equipment remarkably similar to golf clubs, apparently to hit a ball into a hole in courtyards. However, it is only in Scotland that the three essential elements of golf were met.

The game of golf can be traced to Scotland. In 1457, parliament banned the game so that more time would be spent on archery practice, which was necessary for Scotland’s defence at the time.
Following the 1501 repeal of the ban, the game prospered. The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers was the world’s first golf club, organized in 1744.

They should have left the ban on the game.

I think it would be easier to hit a deer running at 20 miles per hour at 30 yards, than it is to hit the golf ball many times to get 450 yards down the fairway and into a little hole in the ground. not to mention the hazzards that go long with the game, hooks, slices, sand traps, water, dubs, and not looking at the ball when you are tying to hit it.

Checking out Tony Butler Golf Club

Played Tony Butler golf coarse this afternoon, hot and sunny. We had heard stories about the green there.

Here is how my golf game went today.

Started off on # 1 which is a 475 yard par 5 with water across the fairway about 280 yards out,
and a slight dog leg to the left. this leaves you about 200yards from the green. I played from the gold tees, which are about 50 yards closer to the green on this hole.

Hit my ball just short of the water, the fairways are hard as a rock and the ball rolls a long ways. When I reached the green in four,
I was greeted with a lightning fast green, which had just been sanded to make them even faster.

The cup was cut on top of a rise in the middle of the green, and I had an 8 foot putt up to the hole,
I hit the ball and was about 1 foot short of the cup, the ball came back down the rise and slid to the right
and stopped 10 feet from the hole. So far I am 2 feet farther away, my second putt went 6 feet past the hole,
I have now gained 2 feet with two puts.Two more puts and I was finished with # 1 hole.

# 2 is a par 3 about 110 yards from the gold tees, I hit the ball to the left of the geen, chipped back across the green and finished with a 5.

# 3 plays 420 yards from the gold tees, 3 shots later, I was in the sand trap on the right of the green,
took two to get out and across the green, three putts from there and that hole was history.

#4 is a straight hole 340 yard par 4. Hit the ball down the left side into some trees, chipped back on the fairway, reached the green in 4, took 3 putts
and walk away with a seven.

# 5 plays 260 to the green which I hit with my second shot, took 4 putts and off to # 6, a 125 yarder from the gold tees.
I hit the green with my tee shot abot 40 feet from the pin, it is a large flat green that slopes from the back to the front.
my first putt ended up 4 feet from the hole, with an uphill putt the ball was in the hole for a par.

# 7 is a straight hole, just about 300 yards to the green, hit the ball down the right side just staying out of the rough, as I walke along the rough to my ball
I found two good balls, a titliest and a Nike , looked just like new. Hit my second shot up the fairway and it rolled and rolled onto the green stopping
8 feet from the hole, took two putts from there to score a par.

#8 proved to be something else, after waiting for two Dudes in front of me look for their balls for 10 minutes, they waved me through.

Now you know that when you get waved through you always hit a poor shot off of the tee and I did, about 80 yards using a driver.
With the two Dudes looking onmy next shot hit a tree into an unplayable lie, two shots from there I am over the green,
a nice rolling green, chipped on and took 3 more putts to finish the hole.

let me see how I am doing so far, #1 4 on and 4 putts 8, sets the tone for the day. #2- 3 on two putts for a 5.
#3- 3 into the sand trap, two to get out and 3 putts for an 8. #4 4 shot on and tree putts for 7. # 5 two to get on and 4 putts for a 6.
#6 1 on two putts for 3. # 7 2 on two putts for a 4. # 8 6 on and three puts for a 9. sitting at a 50 with one to go, I am tired, hot and wish I had a beer.

Ever wonder why it is called a cup, it was named after the mug that the Scott’s drank thier spirits out of,
it would not sound good if you had to putt into a mug. Now you know!

Onto the last hole # 9…
Hit a great drive up the left side , the ball hit the cart path and bounced to about 240 yards from the tee, and stopped at the base of a tree,
took a drop and promptly hit the ball across the fairway into the rough, another drop there, next shot over the green.

This green has a hump in the middle and a small flat area about the size of a garbage can lid, and that is where the cup is.

Took the putt , up the hump, missed the hole, down the hump to the edge of the green
tried once more, up the hump and did not make it and back down to where I was standing, 20 feet from the cup.
the next putt just about made the top and rolled back down 12 feet from the hole, I called it a gimmie marked a 10 on the scorecard and went home.

My report back to the La Copa group is going to say ” don’t take my score as what you may expect for yours, but if you play on holes 1 to 9 you will find the very fast greens, frustrating.
Next time I will play holes 19 to 27 ( the old coarse) as the grees are not as demanding and not quite as fast. They are still fast.

Be carefull with your new Bifocals

Bill is waiting to tee off for the start of his round when he sees Ralph just finishing his round.
Bill notices that Ralph is wet all over the front of his trousers. Curiosity gets the best of him, so Bill asks Ralph how he got so wet. Ralph tells the following story:

That day, Ralph had played golf for the first time with bifocals. All day long, he could see two sizes for everything. There was a big club and a little club; a big ball and a little ball; etc. Therefore, Ralph said that he hit the little ball with the big club and it went straight and long all day long.

On the green, he putted the little ball into the big cup. He said that he played the best golf of his life. Bill said, “I understand that, but how did you get all wet?”

“Well,” said Ralph, “when I got to the 16th, I had to urinate awfully bad. I went into the woods and unzipped my fly. When I looked down, there were two of them also; a big one and a little one. Well, I knew the big one wasn’t mine, so I put it back.”

Is this a Real Golfer?


This one may bring a little tear to your eyes …
Only a golfer would understand this story of a GOLFER AT THE DENTIST.

A man and his wife walked into a dentist’s office. The man said to the dentist, “Doc, I’m in one heck of a hurry. I have two buddies sitting out in my car waiting for us to go play golf, so forget about the anesthetic, I don’t have time for the gums to get numb. I just want you to pull the tooth, and be done with it! We have a 10:00 AM tee time at the best golf course in town and it’s 9:30 already. I don’t have time to wait for the anesthetic to work!”

The dentist thought to himself, “My goodness, this is surely a very brave man asking to have his tooth pulled without using anything to kill the pain.”

So the dentist asked him, “Which tooth is it sir?”

The man turned to his wife and said, “Open your mouth Honey, and show him!”

Group golfing for fun

I belong to a mixed group of senior golfers (Winter Texans) who play every friday. We generally play on a par three coarse where we have negotiated a group rate for nine holes.
We are always looking for some variations to the game to play which will include everyone and does not require a handicap. Not everyone plays enough rounds to get one and some of them do not care as they are not real competitive golfers.
This past week we played in four man groups with each player playing his own ball and keeping the score on a community card, this way each player gets to have his or her scores at the end of the day.
Only the best score on a hole is taken for the group on each hole, this goes to see which group gets the bragging rights for the day.
In order to reduce the stacking of teams, we put 4 tees of red, white, blue, green, yellow, into a basket. Each player draws to find out what team they will be on for that day.
All the birdies are bring great fanfare as they are rare accomplishments and are recorded for the end of the season windup.

golfing alone is never good

Went out golfing late this afternoon, playing on a par 3 coarse to try and fix some of the problems I have with my game.

I played alone because my friends are all mature seniors and do not have much get up and go in the afternoon, I think they are having their naps about that time.

I played the first 4 holes with the wind ( about 10 miles per hour) and kept the ball in the middle of the fairway, and chipped and putted
well. two over after 4 holes, not bad for me.

On the fifth tee you have to hit your across a channel that runs diagonally along the fairway for about 100 yards, (25 feet wide and 10 down to the water).

I hit the ball across and happily walked along the channel and picked couple of balls out of the water and finished the hole with a chip on and tree putts, not good, but happy that I got across the channel.

Now, all you golfers know how water affects the ball going over water, it just sucks your ball out of the air .
I think that is why they put the dimples on a ball, they are water magnets.

On the sixth hole which is 180 yards to the green and the fairway is about 120 yards wide, with the channel running along the right side.
I hit the ball and pushed it right, just short of the channel, about 170 yard with my 4 wood
(I told you that I am a mature senior)
At this point it turned into to a practice round and I hit another ball!
Why is it that every time you hit the second ball that it goes to the other side of the fairway.

Now I have two balls out there about 120 yards apart , so I teed up the third ball, hoping to hit it close to one of the two balls that I have out there, no such luck I dribbled it down the middle of the fairway about 50 yards.

I walked to the one in the middle of the fairway picked it up went to the one closest to the green (the one I hooked) hit the ground before the ball and it went about 10 feet, chipped it again and got it on the green, three putts and on to the next hole.

I left the other ball there, I was to tired to walk that far, besides it had already been in the water, at least I left it on dry land.

By this time I wished I had did what my friends did, stay home and have a nap.