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Cold weather golfing in Texas

Feb 17th 2015

cold weather golf

George Coulson, Sid Bina, Richard Lampi and Bob Thorson braved the cold temps this morning
at Cottonwood .

It was just like having our own private golf course as there was no one else to be seen anywhere on the course.

We stood around the first tee and took a few swings to warm up a bit.
Bob did not and he was rewarded with a 50 yard drive after the ball stopped rolling on the hard fast fairway.

Bob now knows that one should warm up a bit before the game. He is going to play hockey in McAllen tomorrow morning with a bunch of old hockey players.
His drive on the second hole matched his drive on number One, but he got a better roll and ended up with a 70 yard drive.
After the rugged start Bob recovered to finished with a 35

Sid had the best round of the day with a 34, despite hitting a 30 yard drive on hole 5 that stopped just short of the bridge.

Richard had three fives on his round and finished with a 36.
George had six 4’s two 5’s and a par and scored 37.

Even with the cold and the wind it was a good day, we even found a couple of balls, one was a Jack Nicklaus ball made around 1990 and it was as hard as a rock, we left it on # 2 fairway.


Treasure Hills the second time around

The second time playing at treasure hills golf course made most of the La Copa golfers happy, as the scores from last week were lower for most of the golfers. ( sorry Sid).

I think Arthur Barnett was the happiest this week, he improved his score from a 44 last week to an even par 36, this week.
He had a Boggy on the first, a Birdie on #2 and parred the remaining 7 holes. Great round Arthur.

I matched my score from last week with a 47 but hit my favourite ball into the jungle on # 8 and lost it.

Nancy and Bill shaved their scores by 6 and 4 strokes, Joyce and Gerry took a couple of strokes off their scores.

Sid had trouble off of the tees and struggled to a 56 so he was on the other side of Art’s happiness.

Bill was the most consistent with seven 6’s and two 7’s.

The foursome of Joyce, Bill, Richard and Art won the bragging rights for the day with an average score of 48.
Nancy, Sid and Gerry averaged 55.

Fairways are hard, sand traps are firm and the greens fast, just right for Senior golf and the rough is tough to get out of.

Checking out Tony Butler Golf Club

Played Tony Butler golf coarse this afternoon, hot and sunny. We had heard stories about the green there.

Here is how my golf game went today.

Started off on # 1 which is a 475 yard par 5 with water across the fairway about 280 yards out,
and a slight dog leg to the left. this leaves you about 200yards from the green. I played from the gold tees, which are about 50 yards closer to the green on this hole.

Hit my ball just short of the water, the fairways are hard as a rock and the ball rolls a long ways. When I reached the green in four,
I was greeted with a lightning fast green, which had just been sanded to make them even faster.

The cup was cut on top of a rise in the middle of the green, and I had an 8 foot putt up to the hole,
I hit the ball and was about 1 foot short of the cup, the ball came back down the rise and slid to the right
and stopped 10 feet from the hole. So far I am 2 feet farther away, my second putt went 6 feet past the hole,
I have now gained 2 feet with two puts.Two more puts and I was finished with # 1 hole.

# 2 is a par 3 about 110 yards from the gold tees, I hit the ball to the left of the geen, chipped back across the green and finished with a 5.

# 3 plays 420 yards from the gold tees, 3 shots later, I was in the sand trap on the right of the green,
took two to get out and across the green, three putts from there and that hole was history.

#4 is a straight hole 340 yard par 4. Hit the ball down the left side into some trees, chipped back on the fairway, reached the green in 4, took 3 putts
and walk away with a seven.

# 5 plays 260 to the green which I hit with my second shot, took 4 putts and off to # 6, a 125 yarder from the gold tees.
I hit the green with my tee shot abot 40 feet from the pin, it is a large flat green that slopes from the back to the front.
my first putt ended up 4 feet from the hole, with an uphill putt the ball was in the hole for a par.

# 7 is a straight hole, just about 300 yards to the green, hit the ball down the right side just staying out of the rough, as I walke along the rough to my ball
I found two good balls, a titliest and a Nike , looked just like new. Hit my second shot up the fairway and it rolled and rolled onto the green stopping
8 feet from the hole, took two putts from there to score a par.

#8 proved to be something else, after waiting for two Dudes in front of me look for their balls for 10 minutes, they waved me through.

Now you know that when you get waved through you always hit a poor shot off of the tee and I did, about 80 yards using a driver.
With the two Dudes looking onmy next shot hit a tree into an unplayable lie, two shots from there I am over the green,
a nice rolling green, chipped on and took 3 more putts to finish the hole.

let me see how I am doing so far, #1 4 on and 4 putts 8, sets the tone for the day. #2- 3 on two putts for a 5.
#3- 3 into the sand trap, two to get out and 3 putts for an 8. #4 4 shot on and tree putts for 7. # 5 two to get on and 4 putts for a 6.
#6 1 on two putts for 3. # 7 2 on two putts for a 4. # 8 6 on and three puts for a 9. sitting at a 50 with one to go, I am tired, hot and wish I had a beer.

Ever wonder why it is called a cup, it was named after the mug that the Scott’s drank thier spirits out of,
it would not sound good if you had to putt into a mug. Now you know!

Onto the last hole # 9…
Hit a great drive up the left side , the ball hit the cart path and bounced to about 240 yards from the tee, and stopped at the base of a tree,
took a drop and promptly hit the ball across the fairway into the rough, another drop there, next shot over the green.

This green has a hump in the middle and a small flat area about the size of a garbage can lid, and that is where the cup is.

Took the putt , up the hump, missed the hole, down the hump to the edge of the green
tried once more, up the hump and did not make it and back down to where I was standing, 20 feet from the cup.
the next putt just about made the top and rolled back down 12 feet from the hole, I called it a gimmie marked a 10 on the scorecard and went home.

My report back to the La Copa group is going to say ” don’t take my score as what you may expect for yours, but if you play on holes 1 to 9 you will find the very fast greens, frustrating.
Next time I will play holes 19 to 27 ( the old coarse) as the grees are not as demanding and not quite as fast. They are still fast.

LaCopa Friday’s league golf

Only the Hardy golfers were out this morning, six in all. Which made up two teams.
We did not use the Dice as planned, due to the lack of players.

The weather was on the cold side with a nice crisp breeze, just enough to make you wish you had longjohns on.
The Leagues that were sheduled to play before our 10:am time did not even show up.

The two teams both tried to dominate for the low team score and in the end both teams were tied with 31’s.

Every one shot nice solid golf despite the wind and cold, George had the best round of the day with a 34, Sid and Richard were right behind with 35’s, Doug and Joyce shot 38 each and Don finished with a 39.
Richard was the only one who coud manage a 6 after he had to check to see if there was water in the ditch.
A few of the golfers have been trying out softer balls, made by Callaway Supersoft and the Wilson Duo. They are designed for senior golfers. In a few weeks they will be asked rate the balls. Thanks to Arthur for supplying the Callaway balls to test.

Who showes up to golf

who showes up to golf

It seems, in golf that each golfer has two persona’s, one that is a good golfer and the other is

the evil twin.

On any given day, we do not know which person will show up when we go golfing. Todays golf at Cottonwood

George Coulson, Sid Bina, Don Reisberg and Richard Lampi, teed off # 1.

George and Sid hit to the left side if the green, Richard to the right. Don hit the green and was left with a 15 footer
which he drained for a Birdie, a great way to start the game.

On # 2 Don’s Evil twin showed up and for the next two holes, he hung around resulting in a 5 and a 6. Then he was gone and Don played

good golf for the rest of the round, adding another Birdie on #7, for a 31

George matched Don’s Birdie with one of his own on #7, with Sid and Richard with pars on that hole.

Sid shot steady golf all day and finished with a 33. Richard stayed out of the water for a change and shot a 32.

George’s evil twin kept on comming back to visit him which resulted in a score of 37.

Judy Bess was out in front of us and Arthur Barnett played with her from hole # 2.

As we were finishing our round Howard and Dianne Stewart were starting thier round, hope they had a good round.

Afternoon Golf provides a couple of Birdies

After playing 9 holes this morning, and the weather warming up to pleasant temps with verry little wind, George, Sid and Richard hit the links for another nine holes.

George started off with a Birdie on the 110 yard Hole # 1 (his first of the this year) but the good feeling soon was gone as he had 5’s on the next two holes and ended up the round with a 38.

Richard played military golf off the tees all day, on # 6 he hit another ball in the water,( second one today) at the end, all the strokes added up to 38, the same as George.

After the 31 Sid shot this morning, he was full of hope, but the golf gods were not kind to him and he started off with 5’s on each of the first three holes.
Aflter that he settled down and played better and got his first birdie of this year on the 95 yard # 7.

He had the best score of the afternoon with a 37.unplayable lie

Senior golfers from the LaCopa

With the weather getting warmer some of the less hardy golfers come out to play.

Kieth and Judy played with Sid and Joyce to make up the first foursome. The second Foursome was made up of Doug, George , Don and Richard.
Don was trying out some new parts this year, he got a new knee in October and new glasses so he could see the ball this year. the knee held up fine and he was surprised at how well the glasses worked.

He was happy of how big the ball looked and how close all the greens were compared to last year.
Doug shot a 34, Don and George shot 37s and Richard ended up with a 40.

Every golfer shared one thing and that was wet feet as the grass was wet.
George fed the water with one ball on #8 but he recoverd with a 5, despite being 3 off the tee.

New use for old Titleist Golf Ball

DSCF2084I have been Working in the yard trying to figure out a way to take down a large Poplar tree, this tree is about 70 feet high and is leaning toward the power line that serves our property.

Not having access to any heavy equipment or a boom truck, I had to think of a way to get the tree down.

Since these trees do not have limbs all the way to the bottom and the nearest branch is about 40 feet off of the ground.

I had to find  a way to get a small fishing line over that branch and back down to the ground and this where the golf ball comes in.

I took a golf ball (Titleist Pro V1) and drilled a very small hole in it so I could screw in a small eye bolt into it, then I got out my old fishing rod  and tied the line onto the golf ball.

Have you ever tried to cast a fishing lure straight up in the air?

Now I am all set to try and cast this golf ball over that branch some 40 feet in the air, Not being a very good fisherman I had lot of trouble casting the ball over the limb, I did get it over  and the ball ended on the ground. (  on the first try the ball sailed over the branch into a pine tree on the other side and the ball wraped around a limb  about 20 feet off  the ground, in trying to get it off, I broke the fish line so I had to do this all over again).

Once that was done I untied the ball, and taped a 1/4″ rope onto the fish line and  pulled it over the branch, The fish line was not strong enough to pull up a long 1″ rope needed to pull the tree back away from the Hydro line.

I took the 1″ rope which is 100 feet long and took both ends back to a another tree stump and hooked up my 1 1/2 ton come a long and proceeded to pull the tree back away from the line.

After  the tree was  pulled back to a vertical position I then cut a notch  it on the side it was pulled from, this makes it easier to pull over,then i pulled it farther until it was about  10 degrees over centre.

Now I had the tree falling exactly where I wanted it to land, I cut the backside  to finish falling the tree. I was out of the way of the tree and out of any danger area.