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Cold weather golfing in Texas

Feb 17th 2015

cold weather golf

George Coulson, Sid Bina, Richard Lampi and Bob Thorson braved the cold temps this morning
at Cottonwood .

It was just like having our own private golf course as there was no one else to be seen anywhere on the course.

We stood around the first tee and took a few swings to warm up a bit.
Bob did not and he was rewarded with a 50 yard drive after the ball stopped rolling on the hard fast fairway.

Bob now knows that one should warm up a bit before the game. He is going to play hockey in McAllen tomorrow morning with a bunch of old hockey players.
His drive on the second hole matched his drive on number One, but he got a better roll and ended up with a 70 yard drive.
After the rugged start Bob recovered to finished with a 35

Sid had the best round of the day with a 34, despite hitting a 30 yard drive on hole 5 that stopped just short of the bridge.

Richard had three fives on his round and finished with a 36.
George had six 4’s two 5’s and a par and scored 37.

Even with the cold and the wind it was a good day, we even found a couple of balls, one was a Jack Nicklaus ball made around 1990 and it was as hard as a rock, we left it on # 2 fairway.


The begining of golf

I do not think anyone really can say when the game of golf was first played, but there are many stories about the start, Robin Williams has a great story about the start of golf.

The Scott’s who are given credit for the game, organized a club in St. Andrews, Scotland in 1754 and called it the Society of St. Andrews Golfers.

Some 70 years of developing and expanding the game, King Willam 1V  became a patron of the club, and the name was changed to The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

I had an opertunity to see this golf club and it is really a historic place.