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Be carefull with your new Bifocals

Bill is waiting to tee off for the start of his round when he sees Ralph just finishing his round.
Bill notices that Ralph is wet all over the front of his trousers. Curiosity gets the best of him, so Bill asks Ralph how he got so wet. Ralph tells the following story:

That day, Ralph had played golf for the first time with bifocals. All day long, he could see two sizes for everything. There was a big club and a little club; a big ball and a little ball; etc. Therefore, Ralph said that he hit the little ball with the big club and it went straight and long all day long.

On the green, he putted the little ball into the big cup. He said that he played the best golf of his life. Bill said, “I understand that, but how did you get all wet?”

“Well,” said Ralph, “when I got to the 16th, I had to urinate awfully bad. I went into the woods and unzipped my fly. When I looked down, there were two of them also; a big one and a little one. Well, I knew the big one wasn’t mine, so I put it back.”


Saterday Golf

Cottonwood golf club was wet and cool on saterday morning but that did not stop Sid, George and Richard of the Lacopa group. They braved the elements to Play 9 holes.
despite wet feet, George and Richard Shot 36s and Sid came in with a 39.
Richard lost the only ball of the day when he teed off on # 5 and hit it into the water.
The weather is going to warm up a bit for the next day or so.