Wednesday golf from the La Copa inn

Every wednesday the group of golfers from the La Copa try to get in a round at a different golf coarse, This weeks choice was
Treasure Hills golf club.

The Coarse is well maintained and the general consences of the players was, they would go back and play it again.

the Fairways are wide and hilly with slopes to the sides in some places but allowes the players to let a little of the shaft out.

the greens are big, well maintained and fast, there are slopes and diferent levels which make a keen eye needed when putting.

Hole #1 is 356 yard par 4, straight out from the gold tees which we used today. #2 is a straight hole with water along the left
side and played 420 yard par 5.

#3 is a 110 yard par 3 which plays over the water

#4 is a par 4 with a dog leg to the right and water all along the left side, it is about 190 yards to the dogleg
and the another 160 to the green, the total lenght from the gold is 350 yards.

#5 is a 310 yard par 4 straight hole with a drainage ditch down the right side.
#6 a 320 yarder with a slight dogleg to the left.

#7 is 117 yard long par 3.
#8 is a long par 5, 445 yards, from the gold tees. it has a slight dogleg to the right.

#9 is 310 yard long straight out about 280 yards then a dogleg to the right about 40 yards to the green.

the fairways have trees along them and the sand traps on the coarse are placed to gaurd the greens and some along the faiways.spider at treasue hills

We Had 9 players from the LaCopa Inn so we played 3 one each team. Gerry Busch, Bill Stewart and Arthur Barnett were the first ones out.

Joyce Foy, Nancy Ruhlow and Sid Bina were team two, and bringing up the rear were the #3 team of George Coulson, Don Reisberg and Richard lampi.
The most interesting thing of the Day was the big Spider on the green, (pictured here) on # 4, before it was run over by George’s ball when he chipped it onto the green.

Best Team score was a 41 for team 3, Don, George and Richard,
Team 2, Nancy, Joyce and Sid with a 42.
Team #1 made up of Arthur, Bill and Gerry shot a 43. All very close scores.

Now if you took each players score and picked out the best poker hand this is what you would end up with,
Joyce with a straight, 4,5,6,7,8.
Sid hand would be a pair of 6’s and a pair of 5’s and a 9, if that counts for something.
Nancy would have 4, 7’s.
Bill would have three 8’s and a pair of sevens.
Don, Arthur and Richard would finish with 5 fives
George and Gerry would split the pot with 5 sixes.
I forgot to mention that Sid and Don were the only ones that could get thier score up to a 9.

the second picture of the Spider looking for George to come close so he could get revenge for getting run over with George’s ball

spider at treasure hills 2

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