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Can a golf ball be hit further with a driver or an aluminum bat?

GoBux asked:

What goes further under perfect conditions (no wind, average humidity, 72° F). A golf ball hit by an aluminum bat or a 460cc driver. The golf ball would be hit off a tee of course when being hit by the club. The ball when hit by the bat would just be tossed up and hit, not pitched. What do you think?


What are some good fundraising ideas to raise a lot of money?

Libby asked:

My class council is looking to do a fundraiser next year for money for senior events. We are willing to put effort into a fundraiser, as we need to raise quite a lot of money (over 8,000). We are looking to do a major fundraiser, possibly out of school. We have thought about maybe doing a golf tournament, any suggestions for that? Does anyone have any other good ideas for fundraisers? Thanks!

What can I put on my golf cart battery cables to prevent corrosion?

Chad S asked:

The battery cables in my golf cart are becoming corroded and I’m not sure why (I’m not exactly the mechanical type). Anyway, what can I spray or put on these cables to prevent the corrosion? Also, the corrosion is occuring on the metal part of the cables where they connect to the batteries.
One of my friends suggested liquid electrical tape. Is that a good idea?

Golf Swing Tips – Will a Golf Swing Lesson Really Help?

golftuition92 asked:

Every golfers dream is to play extremely well consistently. While its true that even pros can have off days, even their off days are better than the average golfers best day. Visit our site for more golf lesson tips at and http