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Senior Mens Thursday golf Aug 31 2017


Dice, Red, Cubes, Die, Shapes, Two

Golf for the Thursday’s seniors golf, wound up on Aug 31 this year as the weather in past September’s has been rainy and cold.

The sun was out and the temps were about 10 c at tee off and climbed to 23 c by the time play was finished afer 18 holes.

12 players signed up for the day’s outing, the 4 lowest handicap golfers each picked two players names out of  hat to form the teams.

The format for the day was “roll the dice” .each player is assigned a number from 1 to 3 and #4 was a roll over, # 5(happy face, take the best ball) #6 (sad Face, take the worst ball.) Each Player hits their Drive off the tee and then the Dice is rolled to see which drive would be used.

From that point on each player hit from the spot which was the best position on the fairway or green.

The team of Wayne Thomas, Ed Kennedy and Richard Lampi had the best luck with the dice and ended  with a 74 on the day.

Ray Laquerre, Gary Ladouceur and Pete Barna followed with a score of 76, with one birdie on  Hole #13.

Jean Lambert , Vern Herbert and Lance Beauregard, turned in a 77 with a birdie on #8.

Jerry Cripps, Harold Mosley and Steve Splowski, rolled the dice poorly and ended up with a score of 83.

Thanks to Ed Kennedy for organizing the teams every week and for looking after the winners and losers all summer.

Thanks  to Motown for a great meal at the end of the day.

Senior golf on Thursday mornings will continue until the course is closed, with a start time of 9.30 am. for the next couple of weeks.

A moment of silence for senior golfers Ted McLeod and Leo Lamarche was  observed .


LaCopa League

This week we modified our group golf game. We played at Cottonwood golf course, a nine hole, par 27 course.

team Blue Team Red white teamWe made up teams from those who could attend our weekly outing.

Since we had 10 golfers this morning, we put 4 red tees, 3 white tees and 3 blue tees in a container and each player drew a tee to find out which team they would play on today.

Each team then hit the ball off the tee, to find out which ball would be played each player would roll a set of dice, the player rolling the highest number is the ball played on that hole.

From there each player would hit from that spot and it would be best ball to the finish of the hole.
This system would then be repeated on each hole. This made the game very interesting shots and tested the players ability to roll the dice.